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Rand Paul's Tectonic Shifting The GOP

Tomorrow promises a tectonic shift in the GOP as Rand Paul delivers a speach to rock the very roots of the party.

Rand Paul is being accused by neoconservatives of injecting Libertarianism into the GOP at a mindblowing speed leaving them scrambling for support that is no longer there.

Matt Weoch from Reason magazine is issuing a warning http://reason.com/blog/2013/02/05/matt-welch-on-rand-pauls-f...

"To see how far Rand Paul has gotten in his project to inject libertarianism into a GOP foreign policy debate long dominated by neoconservatives and other interventionists, think back to what official Republicanism looked like only 27 months ago."

The Hill http://thehill.com/blogs/congress-blog/campaign/281225-estab...

"After Election Night 2012, even some Tea Party members bought into the false narrative of devastating losses in the Tea Party’s conservative ranks. However, the Tea Party grew in Congress with the election of 27 new Tea Party conservatives to the House and three new Tea Party Senators. The movement again exhibited electoral strength even while the GOP establishment stumbled badly."

Politico: http://www.politico.com/story/2013/02/gop-media-firm-sgm-spr...

"The upstart GOP consulting firm that guided Rand Paul, Todd Akin and other lightning-rod conservatives in their insurgent campaigns plans a major expansion in 2013, strategists with the group told POLITICO."

WHOTV http://whotv.com/2013/02/04/looking-ahead-2016-caucus-poll/

"A poll by the Conservative Intelligence Briefing in late January found on the Republican side Florida Senator Marco Rubio is leading the pack with 27 percent.
Former vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan comes in second with 18 percent. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, and former Senator Rick Santorum also made the cut with around 12 percent each.
The field on the Democratic side is not as deep, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is the overwhelming favorite with 65 percent, followed by Vice President Joe Biden with 14 percent."

Given the recent caucus poll.. Rand made the cut, which is excellent for a Jr Senator. The fact he is for cannabis, I'd say that PR firm is going to help him not only chaange the GOP but beat Clinton in 2016.

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this top post was a month too soon?

You almost always seem to be a few steps

ahead of the rest of us on this subject.

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox


I'm glad I put www.randwatch.com on the back of my cards :D

Hey, (((((Granger)))))! Can you explain something to me?

Why does an email from Ron Paul asking for a stand with Rand money bomb have "Paid for by Rand Paul for Senate 2016" at the bottom? The thing I'm having trouble with is the "for SENATE 2016" part, not the fact that there is a disclosure of the funding.

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

Funny, I was looking at that earlier

I don't know. I don't believe campaign funds can be transfered from Senate to president.. Rand has said he would like to run for president, and I'm sure he is getting messages from people sayig they will back him.. so I think the money bomb is a response, however, it's for his senate race.. which I get the feeling it's one of those Paul like deals.. where he's got the senate sign up to not attract too much bad publicity, while still sho[[ong for the right campaign manager for a presidential run..

Exposing duopoly agenda

Exposing duopoly agenda, mic and foreign invasions is what needs to be done. Compromising principles such as voting for sanctions, leaving all options on the table, supporting feinstein-lee, etc., does nothing to educate sleeping America to the truth. Thus hillary will win by landslide.

Tectonic shift...our jobs just became harder.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Have you ever checked out


This is what is being handed out at our meetings, Campaign for Liberty, etc.:


Great call, Granger :-)

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul