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Thou Shalt Not Kill

That is the whole commandment, there is no unless after it.

Veterans that I know are deeply troubled that they had to take the life of another human.

If it gives you joy or makes you proud or you try to get rich from it, you are a sick, twisted animal, void of a soul.

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Conservatives / Republicans are gonna get mad at you

for saying that.

How dare you! How dare you.

/end sarcasm

Careful with that hand



I consider myself a conservative Republican and there's nothing about what was said in the post that upsets me.

Where are you coming from?

The commandment means

that you may not murder, as in premeditated, as in lying in wait to kill someone you are angry with.

The commandment, as with every other statement in the Bible, has to be taken in context with the entire rest of the Bible in order to understand what it does not mean as well as what it means.

I think the original hebrew text was:

"Thou shall not murder". They were pretty pro-war in taking Caanan.

That it is, but I do agree

That it is, but I do agree heavily with the emphasis of the OP, "If it gives you joy or makes you proud or you try to get rich from it". The action itself should never be something to have any positive emotion about. War should reflect that, as something that is not desired, not even to be proud of, except in the context of being done swiftly and with the goal being to resolve it.

Edit:A sidenote, this is actually a topic of discussion in an Ethics class I have at church. Some people are surprised how many people there find war reprehensible.

Proving that hypocrisy

is as old as religion.
War is murder on a massive scale.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

War can be murder on a massive scale,

but not necessarily. Aggressive war to take other people's stuff is murdering, but banding together to defend your family, town, country, or whatever, from aggressors is not wrong. Also, the way you conduct yourself in a defensive war can be wrong. Even in a defensive war, killing non-combatants is murder, as per the Biblically based Christian Doctrine of Just War.