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Nevada GOP Caucus in Chaos

The Nevada caucuses are in complete disarray.

Many Nevada Republicans received postcards with incorrect caucus locations and the Nevada GOP website had the incorrect locations listed as late as this past Wednesday (Jan. 16).

Additionally, several counties, including Clark County (Las Vegas), have complained that they don't have enough ballots.

To compound the problems, the state GOP reversed its own rules, which called for only GOP registrants being allowed to vote, to a system where essentially anyone can vote. The change was made on Jan. 10, with no time for campaigns to adjust their strategies.

Then, on Jan. 15, the state GOP again reversed themselves, and would restrict voting to GOP registrants.

Then, on Jan. 17, the policy was changed back again, subject to the discretion of county GOP chairs at the time of the caucus (when they can assess who shows up).

Ron Paul national campaign chair Lew Moore has filed a complaint and has asked for the caucuses to be postponed.

UPDATE: The Nevada GOP has officially dismissed the complaints of the Paul campaign, stating: "We would hope that the Paul campaign would go act like adults and not try to set up straw men to make up for their lack of organizing."

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Read this: Nevada Vote Fraud Proven

This proves Paul lost votes during the tally.
I posted it yesterday, but apparently the neoCONs at my blog keep trying to shut down my page.
Anyway, I saved the original exit polls to my computer (media altered them to fit the fraudulent results later) and I ran the math and found the missing votes.

This is the original post:

The article is now hosted here as well:

I may be a vegetarian, but I'll defend to the death my right to eat pork!

I may be a vegetarian, but I'll defend to the death my right to eat meat!

We had the same problem

We had the wrong information on the post cards sent to us(my wife and I). The website also confirmed the same address as the post card. We went to the wrong address first then we were sent to a middle school a few blocks away, only to find out it was a Democrat only caucus. Then we called the Rep party office and got the correct location. By the time we got there the caucus for our precinct was over and were told we couldn't vote. Needless to say we were furious. On our way out we went to a front desk area to explain what happened. They were very helpful and told us if we filled out an affidavit we would then be able to get a ballot and cast our vote. They told us our votes would count for our precinct.With all the time Nevada had to prepare for this, I thought it was very unorganized and poorly run. We were lucky enough to at least cast a vote. I few of my friends in other precincts were not so lucky, they also had wrong addresses and by the time they showed up they were told it's too late and were turned away. Very sad....

Oh by the way there were a few hundred people at the high school that we went to and all I saw was Ron Paul and Mitt Romney people every where. I didn't see one person for McCain, Thompson,Rudy or Huck. I'm surprised that McCain was so close to RP in the final results. There wasn't any McCain people there.


You know we could go and post confusion about nevada caucus location on other Republican forums. Then, there would be a higher likelihood of the official campaign complaint working.

Of course, if people said they were from Nevada and did that here...I WOULD BE PISSED.

Ahh...well waiting for results.

good idea

like redstate?

The Nevada GOP is hinting

The Nevada GOP is hinting that the confusion favors the most organized campaign and then claims they believe the Paul campaign is less organized in the same breath. They indict themselves.

Defend Liberty!

What exactly was the problem or plan?

Can someone enlighten me on what the fix was here please? Just pure confusion? Or were they trying to do something else?

Jim Stewart

This is not election !

It is an appointment much like many of the past "elections". The only difference this time around is that they now are comfortable with America's Ignorance and don't need to try so hard to hide it. Everyday it becomes more clear why the first revolution was fought and won in the manner it was. The biggest thing this country is lacking right now is COMMON SENSE !

I find it interesting that

I find it interesting that the NV GOP could so ineptly screw up the caucus info for it's voters....what better way to rig an election than to direct voters to the wrong locations. The rig is in, folks.

And that comment they made in response to the campaign's complaint is outlandish...who's the ones NOT acting like adults now?

Vote Freedom
Vote Liberty

Paul M. Green
Solomons, MD

Vote Freedom
Vote Liberty

Why is the election year

such a cluster F? If it isnt one thing its another. Cant we have just ONE normal election?

sorry, "Duckmastor" but...


Nothing but the way things have BEEN being done since time immemorial.....