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NJ Gun Control Bills

I received a facebook, email and text regarding NJ Senate Bill S 2497. It urged me to call the Senate Majority office at 609-847-3700 I did a little research, it would make any gun capable of holding more than 5 rounds, 15 is the number now, illegal. The fear is that is will mean NJ would be the first state to confiscate firearms.

There is an identical bill at the Assembly, its A3664. It was introduced on January 14th there, 2 weeks before the senate version. It is now with the Assembly Law and Public Safety Committee. I looked them up and there is a host of gun control schemes being pushed through the committee. Here is a link to all the bills that are there:


Some of the worst ones:

NJ AR139 Urges President and Congress to reauthorize assault weapons ban.

NJ AR133 Expresses support for creation of task force on gun control led by Vice President Biden.

NJ A3667 Requires mental health screening by licensed professional to purchase a firearm.

NJ A3645 Requires ammunition sales and transfers be conducted as face-to-face transactions.

NJ A3510 Requires proof of firearms safety training as a condition for issuance of firearms purchaser ID cards and permits to purchase handguns.

There are a host of other bills that are anti-liberty also.

The chairmen of the committee is Charles Mainor, he can be reached at 201-536-7851

Also, the New Jersey Second Amendment Society is having a march on Trenton, peaceful march, THIS FRIDAY FEB 8th from 10am to 5pm.

Here is more info: http://www.nj2as.com/EVENTS?eventId=605978&EventViewMode=Eve...

For Liberty,

Richard McShane III

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