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A "pre-camera" smirk that will make you ill, SO much worse than Robbie Parker

You don't have to watch the whole thing, just start it at 5:01, freeze frame it there. Let that smirk really hit home with you, then hit "play" and watch the lying, murderous sociopath change to his "camera face" and hear what he it is he finds so amusing.


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F.Y.I. YouTube video time tag saves hassel.

If you add "#t=5m1s" to the end of the youtube url, the video will start at 5 minutes and 1 second.

Here is an example using the link in this post: http://youtu.be/NOUtZOqgSG8#t=5m1s


Learn something new every day at the DP!

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.


At first it looked to me akin to what you are told to do which is smile before you start talking on the phone. Probably did it before every interview. Second time I more agree with you

Here is another one

Truman coning the world into

Truman coning the world into thinking we developed a nuclear bomb. Japan was fire-bombed, there were no nukes used. Look at the pictures of Nagasaki compared to everywhere else - looks exactly the same. Japanese structures were mostly wood and paper. You will notice that none of the steel and brick buildings were destroyed, nor the thick wooden archways. If there were a nuclear blast everything would have been destroyed. They faked the pictures and video.

How can it be that what I was taught isn't 100% true?!

You mean history isn't exactly as it has been presented to me?

Oh my.

I will have to do some investigation...

"The more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in battle."


I've never heard this before. Can you direct me to something with more on this? It sounds very interesting. One thing to remember is that the atom bombs of that era were significantly weaker than what we're capable of now.

Just look it up. Look up the

Just look it up. Look up the photo comparisons. Doesn't matter how powerful they supposedly were, the scenes are indistinguishable. Why would they have used nukes when fire-bombs did the exact same thing?

Here is one of the fake explosion videos. They just fake shit all the time since video technology came about. All it has to do is convince people at the time. Watch the fake CNN Iraq war coverage.




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Those funking Japs.

Thanks fishy, for the flashback. Both of them.

Damn RIGHT Michael,

When we pick the right race to extinguish we will have this Liberty thing whipped! LOL

I have the same problem as you! I was born in 1953 and after the war clouds went away my family reunions started having people from the family from Germany! Hell, it blew me away. I was raised in a small town and all of my mentors were young WWII vets. And I was watching all of the heroic war movies about how Americans liberated ... wow.

How could we invite these evil people, I thought to myself.

But as a young man, I found out they were no different than me.