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Deja vu: Is Glenn Beck attempting to co-opt the liberty movement?

For me, being a libertarian is about understanding the dysfunction of the two-party system and the corruption it allows. I have been hesitant to criticize too harshly any libertarian voices, preferring instead to focus on areas of agreement and Glenn Beck is someone I have continued to follow because his message, in part, helped me discover Ron Paul. However, there is no denying Glenn Beck high jacked the TEA party and I would be unable to describe what it even stands for now.

Look at the titles of the videos uploaded to Glenn's site today:

  • Ron Paul's despicable comments
  • Glenn: End the war...now!
  • Jesse Ventura is a dirtbag

After viewing the videos posted today on Glenn's site the Blaze, I believe he is again trying to co-opt a movement of liberty; first the TEA party and now the libertarian party in general. I have no other explanation how someone could agree so often with Ron Paul, yet only mentions him during verbal attacks. All the while, remaining cozy with the epitome of GOP establishment: Rick Santorum.

Here are links to videos uploaded today:

Ron Paul's despicable comments

Glenn: End the war...now!

Jesse Ventura is a dirtbag

Rick Santorum

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Desperate Glenn Beck

trashing Ron Paul again. Don't worry - he has no followers

ecorob's picture

Ya think?

Glenda Beck is a puppet! Of the worst kind...he is a traitor to the American people and doesn't have enough money to hide.

When he is "outed" it will be like Hannibal Lechter on his ass!

I will enjoy watching that.

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
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