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What will it take for you to quit supporting murder?

What will it take for you to withdraw your support of our tyrannical government?

When will you give up your fear of the Nanny State and quit paying your taxes?

Jail serves three meals a day.

Are you scared? Provide an answer then.

Answer my question. How far must the central government go?

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Why did they increase taxes?

No need... right?

With your rationalization, they should reduce taxes to ZERO and just keep printing "money."

To steal individual wealth, cut jobs, collapse the country

faster. Control.

According To G Edward Griffin

(page 204):

Why, then, does the federal government bother with taxes at all? Why not just operate on monetized debt? The answer is twofold. First, if it did, people would begin to wonder about the source of the money, and that might cause them to wake up to the reality that inflation is a tax. Thus, open taxes, at some level serve to perpetuate public ignorance which is essential to the success of the scheme. The second reason is that taxes, particularly progressive taxes, are weapons by which elitist social planners can wage war on the middle class.

That needs elaboration, I think.

"Waging war on the middle class" is both vague and inflamatory. And incorrect.

Progressive taxes are used to selectively suck liquidity out of the economic system -- money which would most likely bid up the prices of consumer goods, if it were allowed to circulate. Government insists on spending money like crazy, but the smart folks who set its policy know that more money in the system tends to drive up prices, causing all kinds of unpleasant social unrest. Hence the income tax, which selectively steals money from lower and middle class folks, keeping their "demand" for new products lower than it would be if they were free to spend their entire untaxed income. This has the result of keeping prices fairly stable in the economy.

Meanwhile, the elites enjoy all manner of tax exemptions with corporations and trusts and offshore accounts. Most of the government spending finds its way into their hands -- and they are free to spend it without the "inflation tax" -- because the lower classes have already absorbed it for them, via the tax system. This isn't a "war" where the elites regard other classes as their enemies and plot to destroy them. It's more like a feudal system, where serfs do the work and the feudal lords reap the rewards. Slavery, by any other name . . .

Recommended reading: The Most Dangerous Superstition by Larken Rose

That doesn't hold water...

the government knows (at least the people at the very top of the power structure) know that wealth cannot be created by printing. Wealth can only be created by production. That's why "they" seek to extract from the productive.

Printing money only fools the naives.

As they say

Socialism is great until you run out of other people's money.

Printing does not create wealth...

but only creates nominal increases and real decreases.

The continuing participation of the People sustains the tyranny.

Arguing that - "I can't do anything about it" - is silly and a cop out.