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BLM Horse Roundup and Kill- Why Is This Happening?

For years now the BLM has been rounding up and killing horses using helicopters to "herd" the horses into corrals where they are for the most part simply put to death. WHY? They give lame reasons but I don't buy them. Does anyone here know more about it?


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The Government Is Doing This To A National Treasure

I think it's sad the government is doing this to a national treasure and I post it here and only have two views and one of them wants to have a "horse season" Give me a break! I used to foster wild horses. Now they just kill them, pregnant mares and all and package them for horsemeat. Might as well eat cats and dogs.


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Call up youtube...

One Tin Soldier.

This has been going on forever...and in "our" name!

It sickens me that we still have Americans that will do this...all for a paycheck!

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I knew about

I knew about the round-ups, but I thought that the mustangs were sold. In fact, I know that there are/were Mustang Sales, as there were stipulations about their housing, transport, etc.

If, in order to keep populations in check, they are culling the herd, they should open up hunting. I'm sure that folks would hunt them and also sure folks would eat them.

Horses are not native to North America. That means they compete with the native wildlife, much like wild hogs.

To My Understanding The Horses Are Being Butchered Because

They are simply in the way of Agenda 21 and cattle farmers. WHAT native wildlife have they SUDDENLY threatened that hasn't been threatened ever since they have been here? They are not simply culling herds, I used to foster wild horses back in the days that they "culled" but now they are rounding them up in mass and butchering them for horsemeat. They passed new "laws" making it legal to sell horsemeat in the US recently. Or so I have read. This is about making money off the wild horse population. In other words, exploitation. Agenda 21, cattle farm competition and horsemeat for sale equals a crime against the wild horse population. And I guess nobody cares. To me it is another example of out of control government running over the natural world. Just my opinion I guess.