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Video Update: Rand Paul on Fox News (O'Reilly 2/6/2013


At the top of the show. Repeated at 11pm EST.

Ron Paul did not appear on O'Reilly a single time during the '12 campaign.

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A bit strange that hundreds

A bit strange that hundreds of thousands of people visit this site and a video like this has the biggest chance of ACTUAL IMPACT and ACTUAL CHANGE in the country. The significance of this is MAJOR (in a good way). BTW - I am NOT pro-fox or Bill. LOL

had ron paul

been in o'reilly's place he would have said something like:

you guys talk a good talk but when you get into power you're just as big of spenders as the democrats. you just spend the money on different things. bottom line you're both keynesians.

More Proof...

...that Rand 'Milquetoast' Paul, is a GOP establishment-hack.

He did not take a Constitutional position of the fundamental right to keep and bear arms when the opportunity presented. He regurgitated the 'party-line'.

He did portray (falsely, e.g. bold-faced lie) the GOP as the 'party' of limited-government, fiscal-responsibility, etc....

Now, let the 'Cult of Rand' Acolytes, the dedicated compromisers, the rationalizers, the justifiers and the excuse makers come forth and defend their demi-god.

I'm not a Rand supporter

I'm not a Rand supporter either. But he tactfully avoided O'Reilly's pressure for a moderate answer.