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Robots Replacing Waiters in China, Your Job Could Be Next


A new technology may soon marginalize the need for humans in the restaurant industry....

First-time patron Li Xiaomei told the AP: "They have a better service attitude than humans," who can be "temperamental or impatient...."

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Seems like Li Xiaomei was relieved that he didn't have to actually interact and communicate with a real human being....quite sad, but quite predictable in China where, "dehumanization," tends to be the cultural norm, especially if you're a female.

It's getting to the point now where humans no longer want to interact with other humans...they'd rather have some kind of fantasy Manti Teo cyberspace relationship, text instead of talk, and hang out on Facebook instead of hanging out at the local pub with their neighbors and real friends.

How long will it be before robots replace teachers in the classroom?

How long will it be before robots replace bus drivers, and taxi cab drivers?

Police officers and soldiers are already being replaced by Drones, which are nothing but flying robots.

Pilots? Who needs a pilot when a robot can fly the plane?

Did anyone see Kia's commercial during the Super Bowl?

"Respect the Tech"


Yes, I know those are not real robots, but I'm sure robots do exist that look very human...sure thing:

Incredible Human-Looking Robot


Now if that ain't FREAKY I don't know what is.

How long will it be before Americans can literally buy their own custom designed sex robots?

Prostitutes and blowup dolls will be put out of business too, but more important is how robots are corporate owned property designed to compete against costly human labor.

How will small businesses with human employees compete in the future against the corporate competition using robots?

Labor is always the highest overhead cost for any business, BUT the corporations will have a HUGE distinct advantage by eliminating at least half of their labor costs. They will be able to offer a MUCH cheaper product if half of their labor costs are eliminated by robots.

If McDonald's eliminates half of their employees and replaces them with robots that many people PREFER to deal with, (like Li Xiaomei) they will be able to offer their products at a much lower price compared to the mom and pop restaurant down the street.

Cost is key, and simply put...humans cost too much. We are no longer seen as human resources or assets, corporate conglomerates now call us, "Human Liabilities."

Bank tellers, security guards, janitors, receptionists, secretaries...and even doctors, lawyers, and scientists will soon be faced with robotic competition...human droids equipped with supercomputer minds that can defeat any contestant on Jeapardy!

Of course if we don't, "respect the tech," and choose to revolt against the robots by destroying them with our own bare human hands, we will be charged with murder in the first degree because corporations are human too according to the law.

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