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What's the difference between Chris Kyle and these combat vets?

The first video is Chris Kyle, the sniper that was just murdered. Watch at the 1:05 mark:

The next three are very important in their entirety:



So what's the difference? Conscience? Upbringing? Loyalty?

Is it the fact that you have to get "up close and personal"?

Or is it as simple as thinking for yourself?

Some are given a "hero's welcome, while others in turn are labeled mentally ill" and prescribed medications. Aside from this affecting both their physical and mental health, many of these medications promote suicidal tendencies, and their being unnecessarily treated for this illness will go on record and will thus in turn prevent them from possibly acquiring certain employment, or as is the popular topic nowadays, acquiring a gun.

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I'll Tell You the Difference

Chris Kyle rationalized and compartmentalized his behavior. Where the others saw the local populations as human beings, (even those who were trying to kill them), Chris Kyle considered them as evil vermin, beneath the level of animals. Even hunters give "thanks" after dispatching their prey in order to provide sustenance for themselves or their families and to assuage any guilt for taking the animal's life. When your prey is mere vermin there is no guilt to assuage.

In his book, he called them savages.

Was afraid he wouldn't get the chance to "smoke" one. And his ROE was "If you see anyone from about 16 - 65 and they're male - shoot 'em. Kill every male you see."

And THEY'RE the savages? It's quite sad that he died without realizing what he'd done. Sadly, many never do.

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I don't know the difference

I don't know the difference probably a combination of things, encard71 but the gentleman in the white "Bush no mas" t-shirt had me crying. I've seen the others before.

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