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Why Are Black "Leaders" Anti Gun ?

I figured this belongs here:


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It is because they are all financed by central bankers.

Look at their voting records on "audit the Fed."

I don't know for a fact that

I don't know for a fact that there actually are "black leaders", just like I've never seen any "white leaders". I see individuals following their own self-interest. Skin color as an excuse for individual decision making is for collectivists.

The so called Black Leaders

Jackson and Sharpton Sold their souls a long time ago. And are border collies for the NWO. Their job is to herd the black sheep. (Martin and Malcolm were to principled to comply and were executed for it.) I ask a few of my Black friends just yesterday, about Jackson and Sharpton. Almost all said they would not turn their backs to them. As for Glover he also wants the good life available to civil rights leaders,,, that follow the Rothschild itinerary. Problem is nobody listens to him, does not have the gift!

I'd rate Glover way ahead of

Jackson or Sharpton for ethics or brains.

Anyway, he (and Joe Seneca) rocked in Silverado - which was
overall a pretty graphic demonstration of why citizens
need to have the option of being armed:


Because they don't trust

Because they don't trust their followers and feel they are more enlightened to tell them what they can and cannot do.

Southern Agrarian

same as every other movement

it's been co-opted and genuine leaders replaced with watered down versions. Look at the black panthers. The original were a radical group that the state destroyed and replaced with a new black panthers that are a sham designed to misdirect people into thinking they are taking real action when all they are doing is posturing and providing intelligence for the state.

There's still plenty of real black leaders but they aren't in congress/senate seats they are marginalized.

On a somewhat related note the older amongst us will remember when hip hop was a powerful political voice against the establishment (e.g. Public Enemy: Fight the Power etc) but that too was co-opted so that instead of fighting the power now hip hop artists fight each other. Any one interested should check out Professor Griff's many lectures/interviews on youtube or Larry Pinkney on the Alex Jones Show.

Larry Pinkney

The ones who don't toe the official line

Like *former* (GA) Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney and *former*
(AL) Congressman Earl F. Hilliard tend to get stomped on by the PTB.

Both Mckinney and Hilliard were targeted in the primaries by the Israeli lobby.

Hilliard talks about the experience at from about 12:30 in this Netherlands-produced documentary:


Hilliard's lifetime rating by the NRA in 2000 was 92%... wonder where they
were when he needed help?

I somewhat enjoyed the video

They want to make America in their own image, therefore no need for the Constitution.

They want their outlaw homies

They want their outlaw homies to be the only ones with weapons even though they are illegal.

Maybe because the ones who *weren't* anti-gun

were killed or imprisoned:

Like Fred Hampton:


I'm sorry. I know Fred

I'm sorry. I know Fred Hampton was murdered by the government, but he was not anti-gun. He was very much a militant.

Umm, I think

that's what I said.. or was trying to.

Ah yeah, I misread your

Ah yeah, I misread your title. Sorry bud. My bad.

Oh, I didn't look at your

Oh, I didn't look at your link. I just assumed that you were saying he was anti-gun. I'm sorry. I'll look at your link now, even though I now a lot about this case.

No problem -

I wish more people did know about FH's case and the
history of that period generally..


The black leaders are bought and paid for, -just like the whites.

What a quote

An ostrich with his head in the sand, still gets his head cut off!