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Lee Atwater called again:

He said who ever is behind the Ron/Rand 2016 campaign is smart. I am paraphrasing from Nancy's astrologer but you get the point.

Do you really believe for a single moment that Rand Paul and Ron do not strategize? This is chess and not checkers. Ron understands the label he has, so does Rand. If I were playing chess, I would build the best early offense against a lazy opponent.

Once again... What if Ron Paul runs Independent and Rand runs for the Nomination??? Could that be the moment that snaps Karl Rove and Bush Doctrine FUCKTARDS out?

The left are claiming we are fighting amongst ourselves. To a point, they are correct. When Karl Rove and the Bush Doctrine have failed for 2 elections.. maybe.. just maybe... people are sick of the Bush family. Namely 'conservative' people. Those who value rights, the rule of law for ALL, especially peace and lastly responsibility for their own actions.

I am sanely asking the DailyPaul community to have a little more faith in Rand and more imagination than Ron... Living free is an idea. Although waking up is an individual action, once awake we have a moral duty to defend freedom.

Our message continues to win seats while the old guard clings to their throne and begs for mercy.. uses outlandish tactics to squash descent.

I will not throw away nearly 6 years of activism for naught. Why give up now? Because the leadership is in their last throws and will stop at nothing to hold onto their power? This is our moment to seize. Our leadership has the winning message. karl Rove does not. The proof is in the pudding... Our grassroots won a Senate seat.. While Rove spent all his capital stopping Ron Paul and ended up a loser.

Again I ask you.. Who is actually winning?

We took on MITCH MCCONNEL AND WON. I wish I could convey this moment into words for the average person.. We took on the minority whip that fought against him tooth and nail.. Until after the primary. Now.. Hemp legislation is being introduced.

If the DailyPaul cannot understand strategy then it is at a loss for this community. Ron wants to win.. so does Rand.. imagine being Ron Paul for a minute.. do you really believe he is going to stop spreading his message? Do believe they wont coordinate things in their favor?

Wake up!!! We are winning.

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As far as this box people try to put Ron Paul into...

Boom goes the box.

why are pandas exempt from RICO statutes?

I agree.

To add, Father and Son bonds are pretty strong, and Ron seems like he was a pretty good father and Rand would be foolish to disappoint him.

I hate to point stuff like this out, but it is *dissent however, depending on context, descent could work.

“When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic.” – Dresden James