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Fed Confirms It Was Hacked By Anonymous

Anonymous cracks the Federal Reserve d-base. Nice work.

Fed Confirms It Was Hacked By Anonymous

As was reported on Monday, among the numerous files hacked and leaked in the past week by the Hacker group Anonymous was a database of some 4606 regional bankers together with copious amounts of confidential information, which according to Anonymous' twitter account was sourced at the very Federal Reserve, which in turn would imply that the Fed itself had been hacked.

It would also imply that our rhetorical suggestion to Anonymous from nearly two years ago had actually been taken seriously. To wit, from March 2011: "perhaps in the aftermath of the IMF "very major breach" by anonymous hackers, it is really time to make sure all external access points to FedWire and FedLine are truly safe and sound. It will be very sad if it is uncovered that this source of externally accessible portal to hundreds of billions in emergency Fed funding has been somehow compromised. Just imagine the loss of confidence in the system... Why, a global distributed attack would really stretch the Fed's 1,200-strong police force quite thin." Moments ago the Fed confirmed that it had, indeed, been hacked by Anonymous.

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Is Anonymous The New AlCia DA

So let me set this possible situation. The Fed deletes all acounts across its network and claimes to be hacked by Anonymous Terrrrizts from some country say Iran or China or Russia or just put in any name. FOr those who didnt get their accounts deleted it will cause a panic for them as well. They will run to get their money from bank accounts.

This is another intentional financial collapse, I predict Japan will be the trigger. How much fiat digitized money can a private central bank counterfiter pump into a nation before it explodes then implodes? I think it will be in about six months.


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It ain't me.

Good Lord. I so wish I did, though. If only for fun.

Cool stuff, anyway, if true.

I don't expect us to bring down the "Federal Reserve Enslavement System" that way, but that's neat to make them itchy if possible.


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Anonymous Audit would be grand

Maybe a congressional audit of the Fed won't be needed.

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That is a beautiful comment.

lol. You just made my day with that one!

When I first found out about anonymous

they were trying to expose Scientology. I think it was about a dozen of them, they never had huge crowds at their protests. Oh, and they did LIVE protests.
Sort of like back when a handful of us used to wave home made Ron Paul signs... then one day the "Tea Party" comes along and "our" movement has audio systems and speaking tours and leaflets that just appeared out of nowhere...
All of the sudden anonymous became this big political activism group, and it seemed like anyone with a Fawkes mask and youtube channel started claiming they were anonymous. I suspect that somewhere, there is a core group of real hacktivists, who probably hate their infiltrators as much as we hate the Tea Party usurpers, but what do you do? Be grateful for the press they bring you, try to use what is useful, and watch your back.
Hollywood has given them the script for the perfect hack - jam up the satellites so the only channel they can watch is yours, then lay down serious truth. Facts only, please. While many theories are worth serious investigation, there are plenty of cold, hard facts to awaken the sheep IF you get on the damn TV they worship.

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.

I dont buy any of this crap and remain skeptical

So what is the purpose of Anonymous? They just creep in and hack sites? Really? If they had this credo of persevering net freedom and what ever else they stand for then why are they just making threats? what are they waiting for? Why are these government agencies do nonchalant and eager to admit they have been hacked?

I know we all want the Lone Ranger but frankly I think its nothing but the Joker....JM2C

For Freedom!
The World is my country, all mankind is my brethren, to do good is my religion.

I agree.If Anonymous was

I agree.If Anonymous was truly on the side of the people they wouldn't be attacking government sites because that would only lead to more internet security measures in the name of national security and then eventually full control of the internet.I would bet my siver eagles Anonymous is a government flase flag.

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Anonymous is like the character Ragnar Danneskjöld...

in Atlas Shrugged. They target organizations that deserve to be hacked. Like you say, maybe they are actually just a government group, but doesn't what they are doing feel good?

I think thats more plausible

than anything I've read. Great observation and I am leaning to your conclusion.

For Freedom!
The World is my country, all mankind is my brethren, to do good is my religion.

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They give the little man hope,....

like the chicken crossing the road to show the opossum that if could be done. Anonymous is like the character Emmanuel Goldstein in 1984. They are the "mindless perimeter" with a laptop.


Steve, I'll salute them when they do something that has value. They haven't done a thing but demonstrate they can access a mainframe....If they even exist at all....

I get your point and appreciate it but I'm still a skeptic

For Freedom!
The World is my country, all mankind is my brethren, to do good is my religion.

Part of me wants to cheer and part of me wants to know why none

of it has been released.. Also I wonder if it ever will be. What good is hacking something like that and never releasing it.

Sure, it's an embarrassment but they'll just smooth it over and get back to business, meanwhile, there will be cries for more control over the net..

Not sure what to believe.. hopefully, in time, other things will come out.

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I smell a "bank holiday"

I smell a "bank holiday" coming that will lead to Internet lockdown or worse

this is another case of "problem > reaction > solution" if this had been a REAL hack they would have not said a word to the press

CIA handbook's 1st rule on dealing with terrorism: give it NO Publicity what so ever! So any 'terrorism' you see on the MSM is fake.

"Great Men Do Not Seek Power, They Have Great Power Thrust Upon Them"

Could be.. It defintely could be a false flag..

CIA hacks the Fed.. "steals money" maybe for real.. then blames it on Anon or is Anon and the rest of the gubbermint screams bloody murder and rushes a crackdown bill on the net.

Who knows but even if that all happens like I laid out.. it's still not a loss because the more they oppress people, the more people will feel claustrophobic and want to break free.

Not all of course.. some love being held down.

Patriot Cell #345,168
I don't respond to emails or pm's.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

Anon, Friends, as long as


Friends, as long as you're hacking banksters I really wouldn't mind if you'd add three or four zeros to my puny account at WF.

Consider it a donation to my granddaughter's college fund, circa 2030.

Or, consider it a challenge. ;-)


I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be. Albert Einstein

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Amazing: Anonymous cracked the Fed d-base

This was great news to post.

If real...

+1 for freedom!

Don't feed the pandas. Ever.

It would be nice to have a group of really smart really

benevolent people gain control for the good. That's probably a pipe dream.

Or not..

I have felt for a while now, that "anonymous" is a government controlled group. they're using "anonymous" to create the problem and of course, getting control of the internet is the solution. It will be the same fear mongering horseshit they use to get control of everything else. It's for your own good, they'll say. anyways, I'd be careful about making this story a big deal. It might not work out in your favor.

I think westboro baptist church is the same kind of thing too but they are working on destroying the first amendment.

Doesn't matter. Like Wikilinks, anything that does damage...

the Fed, in appearances or not, weakens the hold on us.

If it's real they'll deny it. If fake they'll flaunt it.

at least that's the usual pattern.

meanwhile, it's good news - the rest of us should celebrate it while it lasts!

Yeah, espionage. Now there's a slippery squirrel.

Don't feed the pandas. Ever.