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The correct way to handle a routine car stop


I'm sure most of you already know this stuff by heart already. Just don't want to see any unnecessary arrests for driving down the road.

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Once they let my mate of the ticket, then wanted to search us.

I'd have put up a fight They could have taken his licence it was the first six months he's passed and he was going 60 in a 30. That's how it works here and 30's way to slow for that road...

They said they smelt weed but that was impossible, we hadn't touched it and people weren't allowed to smoke it in his car. It was cause we were young and maybe my long hair, such an easy lie...


That made my day. lol thanks

Okay, that was kinda funny.

Okay, that was kinda funny.

Just remember you have no rights.

That Miranda Law BS? That's all for TV. You will NEVER hear that in real life.

Pandas is bad.

I'm not entirely sure that's

I'm not entirely sure that's true for non-terrorist crimes, but will defer to your knowledge if you're a criminal attorney.

not an attorney.

just a simple criminal.

Pandas is bad.

Methinks most of America is

Methinks most of America is at this point.