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The authority lies in the consent of the governed...

The authority lies in the consent of the governed. Think about this. When you attack the Prez, or secdef, or Rupert, or Diamond, we are all missing the target. The target is the neighbor, the brother, the sister, the mother. The owner, the employee, the watchman, the nurse.

'We the Living' are the authority. Attacking the placeholders is setting YOU up for attack by the consentors or their representors. DO NOT attack the placeholders of authority, they have the consent of the majority to attack back and kill you, and nobody will think twice about this.

If you decide that the placeholders are acting unjustly, against your human conscience, do not attack them one iota. Attack the authority: The governed who give consent. We must manufacture discontent and cultivate dis-consent.

This brings me to my next topic: How to demonstrate the growing dis-consent of the minority to those who still consent to atrocity?

Ghandi knew this truth.