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Great book for an insight into PTSD - Well done those men

I thought I would recommend a great book that deals with a Vietnam veterans struggles to return to normal life after the war. It details the slow build up of anxieties that lead to a breakdown and the healing that occurs after facing up to the past.

The book is called Well done those men and I ranks up there in my top 5 books of all time but it is not just me who thinks it is a great read, see the Amazon reviews;

If you want a funny, moving, entertaining, gripping and thrilling read I recommend this book.

I have a great respect for people who serve overseas as they have more guts than I could muster.

It makes me very angry that these men have to deal with following orders that were made by men in offices half way around the world. I wish I could say I would defy them but if I were in there shoes I know I would be the same.

Anyway hope someone gets a good read out of this post.

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