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YouTuber "Suspicious0bserver" getting really good at earthquake prediction

Scientists are starting to take the Electric Universe model seriously, even if they won't say "Electric Universe." This guy has been applying EU theory to earthquake prediction, and he just nailed it again. Be sure to watch to the end, there is a magnificent display of sunspot activity.


Please note, he uses a zero to begin "Observer" not an o, it is not showing up well in the title and he has a copycat using the other.

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The electromagnetic field of the Earth is decreasing rapidly

and this allows MORE of the sun's emissions of all kinds to get through the atmosphere.

In simple terms, solar emissions strike the electromagnetic field of the Earth and set up DISTURBANCES in the layers of the atmosphere. It can cause light emissions in the atmosphere and low frequency sound waves.

It can also cause the core of the Earth to send out a gravitational wave to the Earth's surface, which explains why there are tremors and quakes in some places.

Thanks fishy. This is a good source of information about the big picture.

ya..ya... caught it this morn !

I was like...WOW...!!