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Facts how Gun-Control Backfired

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Thanks for link

Colorado state introducing a law that gun manufacturers and stores or those who sell guns will be legally liable. 'They' use all means to gain their end....... which may be their end. BoA has stopped financing to gun stores. Their illegal, 'legal' acts using illegal laws along with the power of money, the economics of being in business, is powerful. If that fails, the man who would [like to] be King will do whatever illegal Kingly executive orders he wants. Congress will cower in the corner mistakenly thinking the threat comes from within if not walking the line with the King. Some will be standing firm in agreement for brownie points for advancement in the corrupt system. If Obomba continues this, I'm afraid it's going to get very ugly. Not a Jones lover but feel the link depicts an accurate scenario


It doesnt matter. There is a

It doesnt matter. There is a 2005 Federal law on the books stating that gun manufacturers are not liable for crimes committed with their guns. As we all know..ever since lincoln the federal laws have supremacy over state laws.

Nice article.

But this is one writer. tptb are still moving forward with their plans. There has been no slowing or stopping of politicians bills/laws.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul