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Lone Sandy Hook Mother Telling Truth To Power


I feel so sorry for this woman. She is desperate to make people see the truth, and her passion will have her written off as a "nut-bag."

I remember when being "passionate" about something was considered a good thing, when a passionate speaker could rally the best from the hearts of those who listened. Now few listen, most run in fear from anyone who displays passion.

There is no questions she lost her husband, and has children to raise without him. Rather than run do interviews with Anderson Cooper and set up chip-ins, this is what she does.

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her lack of proof is what makes her look like a nut bag

maybe she could do a series of youtube videos where she isn't rushed and can lay everything out a little more thoroughly?

if she thinks her husband was killed by a celphone because he exposed corruption doesn't help either

and it doesn't help to compare guns to fatalities from celphones or cars

the reason we need to keep our guns is for protection from criminals and our government

The problem is

She is trying to fit too many ideas into a short time, which makes here look rambling, and disconnected.

The world is a very complex place, and if you start to see some the connections, it is almost impossible to explain it to someone else who has not done all the extensive research as you have. Psychologists say, you can really only keep about 4 different concepts in your head at any one time.

All things in common

Common thing between all these killers is they were on Pyscho drugs .. what else is in common?

Widow Susan McGuinness (wife of Scott Getzinger)

Her husband died the day after exposing corruption Ms McGuinness describes here. Scott Getzinger was the property manager for the production company that filmed the recent Batman movie. Susan & Scott are both on record speaking out against the corruption of Newtwon & points beyond (propaganda, vaccines & related poisons).

Search DailyPaul: Also linked at "Wife of Scott Getzinger blasts Newtown gun violence task force ... "

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul

Her Husband...

was Scott Getzinger, who was the props guy for Batman movie...which included the map(s) that said Sandy Hook on them. Now he's dead. Seems like a bunch of stuff was in the mix with him/her and the "officials." Curious, at the very least.

Susan McGuinness

This is the batman props guy's wife Susan isn't it?

She is not very articualte

But it is hard to get up and speak in a room full of wolves.

Chemicals do have an effect

but other things contribute as well. For example, all female reproductive eggs (~400-700) are completed when a girl is still a fetus. Late marriages make eggs less wholesome, on average, due to environmental exposure to cosmic radiation and natural decay.

Regarding the fact that most teenage mass killers were on psycho drugs does not prove that drugs are the cause. If a person is mentally unstable, by the age of 12, school teachers and administrators would force the parents to have the child examined by a doctor. Doctor prescribes different drugs. Psycho drugs simply do not always work for all patients. Same with any drugs.

I think you are missing the point

The question is - ARE the kids mentally unstable and then put on drugs or are they just kids being kids, put on drugs, then become unstable.

Seems the latter is more common. Hell, me and my brothers would have been labeled ADD, ADHD, super hyper active ADD and so on. Back in the day though - they just said our Irish blood was a little stronger than most - LOL. There were four of us - we didn't sit around all day watching TV - we had energy and excitement for life.
Of course -teachers were better then too - they actually wanted to teach - not just get the great pay and benefits.

We all turned out fine - without the help of drugs.

Psycho drugs should be a rarity - not household names.

Well, something is going on with the kids...

unless you don't believe that 30 vaccinations for kindergarteners - Gmo's, fluoride, aspertame, steriods, and food additives have any effect on the kids of today...
As a teacher of 30 years (and I attended school classrooms of the 1950's), I have 60 years of experience in the school system.
I can tell you that "something" is happening to the kids - when we have 1 in 80 kids diagnosed as autistic when it once was one in thousands, and many (entertained by fast paced tv and video games) cannot focus on a normal class lesson,
to claim that the problem lies totally with teachers and the schools is to deny anything else is affecting our children. You need to do some research.
I'm not claiming that the schools are great - they are far from that description - but there ARE other factors affecting our children today and people better wake up.

In 1950's

many black children had mother and father. Most white children had mother at home, without work stress, anxiety and headache. Mothers were not manish and fathers were not femanish. Boys were not given dolls and girls were not given trucks.

Apple and oranges, my friends. It looks all apples for an unfocused mind.

This is true of the 50's

and made a big difference in children's positive attitudes at school.
But not the 80's, 90's and 00's....there are a LOT of factors playing into the development of our children...
Homelife (over half my kids come from broken homes)- almost all mothers work. Lots of stress - little time for "homework" monitoring -
Fast paced technology competing with class lessons...
Environment (vaccinations, gmo's, fluoride, food additives, fast foods,etc.
Poverty - we have over 60% on free and reduced lunches
It's a sad state of affairs in our nation today.

It is not just kids.

I started taking medical histories, mostly of senior citizens, in the 1980's. Most were healthy as a horse and on few or no medications. Then a few started showing up on antidepressants, something they would sheepishly confess, a little embarrassed about being "mentally ill." Over the years, more and more and more, and people getting to be PROUD of their diagnosis... "It was hard, but I have accepted that it is just the way I am" and more and more and more senility. It was obvious enough that I used to talk about it with the doctors - "Man, everybody is on these anti-depressants now" in one sentence and "Man, old people just don't hold up as well as they used to" in another sentence, never able to break the cognitive barrier that would allow us to connect those two observations. Well, I did, after I was no longer working.
They want us all diagnosed, and "treated" by "learning to accept" our "diabilities" and by committing to being lifelong Rx drug addicts.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

I did not miss anything

My post was clear. I do not claim anything - I just pointed out that the fact teen killers are on drugs does not prove drugs caused it. There are more mentally unstable kids on psycho drugs than the number of teen killers on psycho drugs. Mind is more complicated than body. Psycho drugs do not work well, on average. But they DO supress the level of anxiety, hate and rage. I personally think that drugs do not cause a calculated well-planned murder act that requires a long attention span. But schizophrenia might. Drug label is a pure liability notice written by lawyers, not a scientific evidence.

They do NOT suppress anxiety, hate and rage! They CAUSE it!

"Psychiatric side effects have frequently included anxiety (2% to 5%), agitation (2% to 5%), depersonalization (3%), depression (2%), lack of emotion (2%), and emotional lability. Euphoria, hallucinations, hostility, increased libido, neurosis, paranoid reaction, antisocial reaction, delusions, drug dependence, hysteria, manic-depressive reaction, psychotic depression, and psychosis."

Report any new or worsening symptoms to your doctor, such as: mood or behavior changes, anxiety, panic attacks, trouble sleeping, or if you feel impulsive, irritable, agitated, hostile, aggressive, restless, hyperactive (mentally or physically), more depressed, or have thoughts about suicide or hurting yourself. "

"Nervous system side effects have frequently included dizziness (16%), somnolence (up to 14%), insomnia (11% to 25%), fatigue (11%), nervousness (9%), abnormal dreams, sleep abnormalities, tremor, depression, paresthesia, decreased libido, agitation, hypertonia, anxiety, delirium, and twitching. The reported incidence of each of these effects ranges between 10% and 20% of treated patients. Dyskinesia has also been reported."

Pick a antidepressant, any antidepressant, and you will find they ALL CAUSE ANXIETY AND DEPRESSION. It is MALPRACTICE. Show me ANY other illness where it is OK to make the condition worse, and if the patient dies from the worsening condition, the patient will be blamed.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

You make no sense

plus you d o not read my post to the end. Labels are for liability purposes. Percentages are what was reported as side effect by patients, not what was established as the cause. Placibo effect is usually 5-15% for all drugs.

Do you have any medical experience?

I worked in healthcare for 20 years, including working on clinical research. What is on the label is the ROSIEST picture they can get away with. People fought for YEARS to force Pharma to release the raw data of their clinical trials for SSRIs. They fought tooth and nail to hide the fact that in clinical trials, these drugs were causing suicide in HEALTHY PEOPLE. In the CONTROL subjects.
And regarding placebo, they actually do better than SSRIs.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

How many

Teen killers Not on Psycho drugs?

I guess

you use your skill of thumb motion without reading my comments. If you did in fact read them, you should do some focus training.

I think

she was trying to move through a lot of information pretty fast...so you might have missed the dot she was connecting known as vaccination. Kids these days are vaccinated starting at 2-months and the shit that's in those things lead to exaggerated "kid behavior" b/c their bodies are unable to throw off the toxicity. This, then, is deemed "aberrant" and followed up by more shit. Hence, the "peanuts (vaccination toxins) to popcorn (add psychotropics)" point she was trying to make. It would be difficult for anyone who hasn't done this research to follow her on it. But she's absolutely right.


Wow. Now we have a CONNECTION if what she says is true.

Please, God, protect this woman and her family.

Lima-1, out.

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.



My heart goes out to this woman.

Been there. Done that. And it can be the loneliest place to be, watching your loved ones harmed, and standing up to the system alone.

She's a system buster. Guess we all are although
there are some new and derogatory names for us.

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BUMP for the truth!


Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.