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Shooting! Colorado, "Involving Children" Just Reported CBS Radio

CBS NEWS radio at the top of the hour just said....no details as of yet...9:03am CST...I just heard it on the top of the hour news roundup on WBBM 780AM affiliate...

Everyone that just heard that, is NOW on edge!!

As we wait for details.....from Colorado.....

Anyone there, that can report? Unfortunately, we have to watch the press' EVERY move!!!

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Several reports on twitter from radio stations

just search for -- colorado shooting-- and you can get all the things coming in.


It must be gang related or in a minority neighborhood

because I haven't seen reports yet. They only report shootings where white males are the culprit.

Damage control

This is my guess:

The DC mafia's new strategy is to MK-ULTRA as many sensational but small-scale gun homicides as possible, while at the same time using their propaganda machine to blow any organic guns crimes (especially if they involve white people) waaaaay out of proportion.

This serves two purposes. It makes up gun-grabbing ground lost by the Sandy Hook backfire, and it distracts from the continuous exposure of Sandy Hook as a fraud.

Already looking for

any ongoing "drills" that are officially announced in the State of Colorado.

I told my coworkers that there was another multiple victim shooting involving children and all they said was, "Well, they don't report these things all of the time."

I'm fucking speechless.

Lima-1, out.

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.

9:31a.m. bottom of the hour TOP News story...

Still the Post Office dealing with their purported $ 9,125,000,000/year losses by eliminating Saturday service....and...the anticipated Boy Scouts decision...blaming/hating guns is just an aside....

Police report.....

Police report they have found multiple shooting victims at a home on the 4900 block of North Pearl Street.


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15 minutes in....

Nothing on CNN or FOX News websites....

You cant just recklessly say "breaking news out of Colorado....shooting...involving children".....

It's now more important

It's now more important because the news tells you it's more important!