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God and Anarchy

Read 1 Samuel 8. The Israelites demand from Samuel a king to lead them, "such as all the other nations have." At this point, they had only 'judges' as leaders. Both Samuel and God were displeased. God tells Sasmuel to inform the people what a king (or state/govt.) will do to them. He will force the young men into military service, and into weapons manufacturing. He will force others to grow and harvest food for him, and he will steal their fields and vineyards and give them to his attendants. He will force the women into domestic slavery. He will tax you and give it to his attendants. He will steal the best of your belongings. "And you yourselves will become his slaves."

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There are differences between

There are differences between God being King and any other human's claim as King. One key difference is that in the Kingdom of God there is no serfdom, only Royal family. Read more here: Anarchy in the Royal Family.

God explains to Samuel that

God explains to Samuel that the people are demanding a king because they have abandoned HIM as their king.