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NRA warns of UN-Obama Gun Grab (Video)

Video from Aug 2012, but should be shared again during this time of the gun debate while forefront on peoples minds & in MSM.

"We are not asking you to join the NRA. We are asking, however, that you take five minutes out of your day to watch this video so that you understand what we are up against. This isn’t just about the gun laws here in the United States — Obama could willingly use the United Nations to outline our guns, and those laws would be seen as superseding our rights as American citizens."

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In a world gone mad with violence

this is not a time to give up guns needed for self defense and to protect your family. Who wants to be unarmed in a world full of terrorists and criminals?

Disarming America is all part of the NWO Agenda. The elite want no resistance to anything they choose to do, whether it be theft, torture, child sex parties, rape, or murder.

Along with disarming America, you can now be arrested without a warrant, held indefinitely, and murdered by presidential executive order.

This president is not at all "for the people" of America.