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Just for fun... I'm going to predict the next Superbowl now.

The first Superbowl after I "woke up" was The Patriots versus The Giants. Ron Paul was what I lived and breathed, and the symbolism was not lost on me. Here is how a google search clip describes the outcome:
"Feb 4, 2008 – Manning's game-winning scoring drive late in the fourth quarter gave the Giants a surprise victory in the Super Bowl, spoiling the Patriots'..."
I had long since lost interest in sports, but was learning to look for symbolism, ritual mockery, false flags... and I started predicting Superbowl outcomes based only on the names of the teams, once the teams were announced. I have been correct every year, without having watched a single game, or having any clue who players or coaches on either team might be. I almost missed this year, because I did not even know the teams until a day or 2 before the game, but once informed, I managed to put my stunning psychic abilities to work again...
So, for fun, I decided to have a look at team logos and predict next year's Superbowl now. We can come back next year and see how I do. I admit, I have always waited until the teams were announced before, so this is a new test of my ESP... (Exposing Stupid Propaganda.) I am going with trends in the country and team logos. The trend I am betting on is that minorities are starting to get vocal about the NWO and police state. I think this guy:

Is going to have to blow the socks off of this guy:

See you football fans here next year!

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