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Researching Presidential Powers when Operating Under National Emergency Conditions

I've been researching the powers of the President when our country operates under a conditon of National Emergency. What I know for sure is that since 9/11 we have been in continual State of Emergency but more than likely the US has not returned to "normal" condition since 1917 when our beloved Federal Reserve had the president declare an economic emergency. The "War on Drugs" and "The War OF terror" also seem to provide justifcation for us to remain in a declared State of Emergency. Determining specifically what additional powers the president is granted and specifically what rights "we the people" lose has proven to be very difficult. One area that concerns me most is that the constitution for the united States of America may be in some kind of suspended mode during these emergency declarations. If thats the case, common law is superceeded by corporate statatory law and State and Federal courts claim jurisdiction over every US citizen based on Admiralty law. That is a killer for constitutional arguments in court.

One report that I came across that provides some basic infromation is a report for congress (Order Code 98-505 GOV)Updated August 30, 2007 named National Emergency Powers.

You can download the official .pdf at the link below (and I reccommend you do...and read it.) Also, if anyone has additional information that could aid my research, I'd appreciate you sharing it with me or providing me with some links. Thanks!

"Presidential Powers Under National Emergency Conditions"

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