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Update: Does anyone use the DP chat?

Is it a worthy function to keep around?

Like the US Post Office cutting back Saturday delivery, the DP is facing resource constraints of its own.

I've personally never been a fan of chat, and I've rarely (if ever) stepped into the DP chatroom.

What do you guys think? Who here uses it?

Does 'chat' serve a worthy purpose?

Update - from one of my comments below:

Or should I say, problems.

1. I don't like chat. It is like a public version of IM, which is useful to send direct messages, or work on a collaborative project. But the tendency I see is for bored people to use it as a way to kill time. Does chat serve a noble purpose that I'm missing?

2. Chat is a resource drain on the DP's already limited resources. Someone has to moderate it. Inevitably, someone in there gets unruly, starts calling people names, swearing, spamming, etc and then it is "Moderators!" Time is finite, and chasing down spammers and name callers is not my idea of a productive way of spending my time, or moderators' time. I'm not interested in being a policeman, or managing the police force. We do enough of that here on the site. That is a whole 'nother realm to have to monitor.

3. I would be fine with an unmoderated chat - however, there is a liability issue for me and the DP. In such a case, I would have no idea if someone were in there plotting the next terrorist attack, or a false flag ambush, or whatever. Call me paranoid, but thoughts like that make me uncomfortable.

Overall, for me, chat is a negative good. It costs more for me to maintain it than to keep it.

And considering the resource constraints the DP is facing, and the unlikelihood that the fundraiser will be completed, I need to start paring down.

I'm trying to get a sense of who (if anyone) uses it, and of those who do use it, who are helping to support this site financially.

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I have used it but not much

Most of the banter (mine included) does not go anywhere.

I did enjoy it during the primaries though....

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I generally don't like chat either

The only time I used it was during the primary debates, and that was on the RPF. That was fun, to see real time reactions from the liberty crowd as Santorum, Romney et al would shoot themselves in the foot.

To me, it's just for entertainment.

Tried it once...

I type too slowly to keep up with my thoughts, so stick to the regular forums.

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I Don't Chat...I Tried Once or Twice..Like Victoria, Wierd Chat

I recommend shutting it down until we get closer to the 2016 Presidential cycle...You should get alot more meaningful chat at that time..

Make sense?

Not a user personally,

Not a user personally, doesnt work on my setup anyway, as one member, i wouldnt miss it, considering, its not that difficult to use another service outside the dp, post the details here,and start chatting with liberty minded folks, i dont think it would be a major loss,.......if you were the last bastion on the internet that uses chat, that would be another matter, but still your choice at the end of the day, id never, and i dont think anyone here wants to tell you how to spend your money, the fact your considerate enough to ask, speaks wonders to my eyes, so whatever you do, not to speak for anyone else, this one person over here is fine with it, totally your call

The only times i'd see me remotely interested in it, is if something big is happening, since those are few and far between.......even then its not at the forefront, im likely to forget then not, but it can be pretty good tool in those times, when used right

Depending on whether folks here really want it to stay or not, my say is pull it for now, if it helps you on the finances, and leave it for another day on whether to implement it back or not or the next big thing that comes along, assuming its viable and totally cheap, if not free

My 2 pennies

I used it once or twice months ago, but don't anymore


With all due respect, I will no longer be a voting prostitute for Constitution rejecting harlots.

i love

the chat, leave it unmoderated, I like going in there and bringing up topics for others to debate upon. It helps me to clarify my own views debate style the way you can't in the threads.

You just got PAULED!

get rid of it

or use a free remotely hosted option

AddonChat is free with pay options www.addonchat.com/

there's loads of other ones too but i've used that

Personally I would kill it if

Personally I would kill it if you feel it is draining resources.

In its place, I would recommend creating a sticky thread where people can post up a chat url/irc channel/etc that they run. If a member of DP staff wanted to volunteer to maintain that thread, and check occasionally for activity/broken links/bad or predatory link/etc then that would be an excellent service to the community. Community members could also ofc post up experiences with various chats.

That way DP chatters could still find a home, but it wouldn't be a monetary or legal liability for the site.

Every time I have checked it

Every time I have checked it out it is a bunch of weird rambling. It seems pretty useless. I can see the good if people are communicating live while watching elections results or some coverage of something on the media but that is not frequent. So I concur on putting your resources toward something else.

Kill it...

That's my vote. I recommend in its place create an unmoderated Google+ channel for the Daily Paul so people who want to chat can do so with likeminded people. Takes the resources issue out of your hands and gives it back to visitors.

the chat should be eliminated

No one discusses anything serious in the chats.


I think it's time to eliminate the chat.

It's useless. Then we have these people hanging out in there who care nothing about liberty, the constitution etc... they are just basically in there for fun.

If you're going to keep the chat... then we might as well have some games on here like "pot farm" or one of those other stupid facebook things to keep the sheeple busy...

This IMO is a WORKING site... the majority are here because we are working our arses off to save this country and the constitution before it's too late. The chat... due to these basically teenagers in adult bodies... has been reduced to not much more than a romper room.

I go into the chat to pose problems and discuss solutions. The chat is no longer useful for that purpose. I can't think of any other productive purpose it would serve... and we are concerned with productivity around here right?

I think it seriously takes away from the credibility of this site. I'll probably miss it but it will make me more productive to see it go. If our goal is Liberty - then we should get rid of the chat so people can focus on that instead of immature banter which is only dumbing people down anyway...

If we're not learning - we're LOSING.

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This thread has become active again

and I'm assuming it's because of the update.

My two cents: only to be used by paid subscribers?

I have never been in there so I can't vouch for its usefulness.

So is the chat gone now?

Can't seem to find a way to open it....

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seemingly down

chat not working

chat having an issue?

How about enabling it sometimes

like for debates, hot breaking news, etc. Make it more event driven.

Most of those who think so actually don't and most of those who think sew actually rip.

I would be down for this.

During the Debates

I found it fun to watch/add snide comments. ;-)

Now, some person (the same person who I have no idea is) is always inviting me to chat (the "chatmaster"?) and it gets annoying at times.
I could turn it off, but that's extra work.


If the chat is causing to much bandwidth to be used perhaps a third party embeddable chat client would work? If its a hassle or costly to have the chat linked with the user name, simply use an irc chat room and embed it into the site with mibbit. the room could be #dailypaul.

If i understand how mibbit and embeding it works correctly, then it would cost you nothing.

You could also go with the

You could also go with the DISQUS system ( http://disqus.com/ ), which I have seen everywhere. It requires a Twitter login ID, I think.

GREAT NEWS! I have a vision to kill them all.

Yup, I'm a man of firm conviction and I can tell which way the wind is blowing and I have the inside skinny.

I know or know somebody who knows every single one of these cowering dogs that slink about on this chat to the pure financial and credible damage of this whole movement. And I can tell you where they live and I got their whole networks drawn out. And I say we get these guys.

I can personally verify that on this chat such things as tomahawks and knives and guns have been openly discussed, I know, I discussed them myself. Despicable I know. And worse, that chat engaged young people who also heard these words. I encouraged this, that's how I know.

Also the levels of sexual depravity knows no bounds on these boards. There are people openly telling each other they love each other. It's perverted and disgusting and I cannot sanction it no matter how much I enjoyed it.

Due to my repentant attitude and familiarity of these people and their ways, I think I am the only one truly qualified to not only ban them but hunt them down and kill them where they live. It's the only appropriate measure if you think about it for this whole think has been a miserable excuse for pandering to leftists and for that we should all die. And that's where I come in handy. I'd kill y'all for a nickel but you'd have to buy the next round.


Most of those who think so actually don't and most of those who think sew actually rip.

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LOL. I sure hope for you that you were on something

LOL. I sure hope for you that you were on something when you wrote this. :)

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

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You sir, are hillarious.

Thank you.

I have no idea what the heck

I have no idea what the heck you're talking about.

I remember the good ol' days...

during the 2012 campaign season we used to have around 40-60 people at all times in the chat window, and when a debate was on we would max out in one window and have to create overflow chats.

It was an indispensable tool then, but now it has fallen out of use.

Don't feel bad if you have to axe it Michael, better to drop a few features we don't normally use, than to burn cash that could be used elsewhere.

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yeah but remember when the mitt people got so mad at you that they started promoting your work? they really taught you a lesson that day

Oh No!

Not free publicity!

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"The State is a gang of thieves writ large." - Murray Rothbard