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Update: Does anyone use the DP chat?

Is it a worthy function to keep around?

Like the US Post Office cutting back Saturday delivery, the DP is facing resource constraints of its own.

I've personally never been a fan of chat, and I've rarely (if ever) stepped into the DP chatroom.

What do you guys think? Who here uses it?

Does 'chat' serve a worthy purpose?

Update - from one of my comments below:

Or should I say, problems.

1. I don't like chat. It is like a public version of IM, which is useful to send direct messages, or work on a collaborative project. But the tendency I see is for bored people to use it as a way to kill time. Does chat serve a noble purpose that I'm missing?

2. Chat is a resource drain on the DP's already limited resources. Someone has to moderate it. Inevitably, someone in there gets unruly, starts calling people names, swearing, spamming, etc and then it is "Moderators!" Time is finite, and chasing down spammers and name callers is not my idea of a productive way of spending my time, or moderators' time. I'm not interested in being a policeman, or managing the police force. We do enough of that here on the site. That is a whole 'nother realm to have to monitor.

3. I would be fine with an unmoderated chat - however, there is a liability issue for me and the DP. In such a case, I would have no idea if someone were in there plotting the next terrorist attack, or a false flag ambush, or whatever. Call me paranoid, but thoughts like that make me uncomfortable.

Overall, for me, chat is a negative good. It costs more for me to maintain it than to keep it.

And considering the resource constraints the DP is facing, and the unlikelihood that the fundraiser will be completed, I need to start paring down.

I'm trying to get a sense of who (if anyone) uses it, and of those who do use it, who are helping to support this site financially.

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Michael if you do decide to

Michael if you do decide to terminate the chat some of us were hoping you could give us two weeks notice to regroup and to give the government a chance to find a new forum for their next false flag operation, so that federal funds are not needlessly wasted.

No but in all seriousness we appreciate the forum you have provided, and many of us would be willing to donate to keep the chat up. If you do decide to phase out the chat, most of us would like a chance to determine an alternative place to chat.

Naturally, the majority of people who use the forums don't value the chat. Just as the majority of people who read the posts but don't post themselves or get lost in endlessly narrowing reply tunnels, don't value the forums. The question is an invitation to confirmation bias. The people who chat value chat, the people who post value the forums, the people who readvalue the front page.

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Good post Bill3, i'd be happy

Good post Bill3, i'd be happy to kick in a few bucks to keep the chat alive...

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I chat occasionally and I enjoy it each time. Other than encountering a crude person rarely and knowing I can place that person in the ignore bin, I consider chat a highlight and somewhere to converse about something requiring rapid reply, unlike the replies in the forum where, sometimes, time-testing replies are unanswered and conversations unfinished.

DP chat is handy when discussing topics unrelated to current topics and personal matters such as those about health and tutoring. After all, who wants to discuss personal matters publically? Because chat is instantaneous, resembling conversation offline, it provides the opportunity for interactions of substance, enabling a higher possibility of friendship than what the forum enables. Relationships of whatever kind can happen, including those building and maintaining freedom in private life and public life, the life of politics.

DP chat serves an important function. It is the private sphere, where in depth conversations occur. It would be a shame to lose this function, one I consider integral to the growth of the recently rediscovered way of life, man's nature, freedom.

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maybe keep the chat for those

maybe keep the chat for those who are monthly subscribers.

I've never used it.

Although I have been invited to chat, I don't know how to use it. I barely have time to get through all the articles I want to read.

...on a personal note, I will

...on a personal note, I will miss all of my chat contacts if the chat is suddenly gone. Why not post a chat specific fundraiser and see if we'll pay for it?

I use the chat regularly.

I use the chat regularly. There are lots of interesting intellectual discussions, and it is a real time forum for networking. It is no more or less valuable than the forums, which produce 90% garbage and 10% valuable activity. Like most of what people say in any medium, it is 90% garbage 10% useful. If you close the chat you might as well close the forums too.

And since the internet is one giant consanguineous interchange of the same information, consisting mostly of links, you might as well limit your site to original content if you get rid of the chat and/or the forums.

Paying people to delete most of the user generated content and to preserve mostly reposted links is probably a waste of money if you're worried about serious criminal liabilities.

However, if you want to provide an open forum for discussion the chat is a valuable part of that. On the other hand, if the site mainly exists to generate a profit, then the 100 or so users who use it over any given 3 month period probably do not cover the cost of maintaining it in donations.

You can take my chat...

when you pry it from my cold dead hands....

I think I used it once

Didn't appeal to me. I get invited to chat but never go. Personally, if I had the ability to turn it off (just for me), I would. However, I don't want to rain on the parade of people who like chat.

You can turn it off just for you...

goto My Account/Edit then uncheck "chat"

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~

Please keep the chat

A lot of us enjoy it. I wouldn't come to the DP as much without the chat nor stay on as long each day. As you pointed out, the chatting is often not serious, however, it just as often is used to discuss serious topics - including among people who don't normally use the chat. Also, if someone has a quick question, rather than making an entirely new post, they can ask in chat or form another chat room to get an answer quickly, or to discuss a topic they are interested in. As for moderation, I highly doubt anyone would ever plan a terrorist attack or something like that on the chat. I know most of the regular chatters well and they would never do such a thing.

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Never Used It

Not once.


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I Wouldn't Miss It

Maybe if I tuned in more often, I would understand why some people like it.

Save your time for more interesting info on Boston. I really liked that.

Also, don't waste your money sending me a card. I realize my check hasn't reached you yet, but I wouldn't want to know Uncle Sam will get a larger cut than he will already get from it.

Best wishes!

If it's a pain for you to

If it's a pain for you to keep around, I think it should be the first thing to go. The few times I've gone in there it's basically one person rambling to himself.

What I don't understand is

What I don't understand is the pain comes from

1. resources which are said to be personel monitoring behavior. But the thing is nobody ever deals with it. I think recently some guy who came said he was going to "report someone" and this was just a day or two ago. So I'm guessing that is what all this is about. Just a guess

Micheal always tries to deal with problems. He was helpful when we needed him months ago. But honestly... There is rarely ever anyone here monitoring chat and rarely is one even needed. If I am correct in my guess, someone probably went whining to you Micheal because his feelings were hurt when he/she could have blocked the person who was bothering him. ITS CALLED BLOCK PEOPLE I USE IT AND IT WORKS

In rare cases does someone ever need to be banned. Very rare. Micheal is thoughtful so he is probably dealing with squabble and Micheal feels like he needs to settle some issue. You probably be better off ignoring it. or..

Leave it to give someone who cares about and uses chat a little authority. And if that creates problems later then OK, I think its time to consider what the homeless guy said. "smaash smaash SUUHH MAASHHH."

Also addressing that he doesn't like chat. I can understand that. It makes for a better website in my opinion though.

And the 3rd reason... Oh man, I was thinking hopefully he was kidding. Trust me Micheal! Your Daily Paul chatters are not plotting the next terrorist false flag!

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not just a case of not being able to monitor it. My understanding is that it was allowed to be used on a trial basis, but is now going to cost a lot of money a month to keep it.
We haven't even made the goal with the current moneybomb to help MN with his regular maintenance expenses. The money being raised is not going only to him, it is going to other people who charge for their services.
Even if it was all going to him (which is none of my business) it would be a pretty meager salary for 40+ hours a week. Not to mention Paypal takes a certain percentage of the money raised, and there are probably taxes on top of that.

I hope we can raise the money to just cover the basics, and then deal with the bells and whistles.

I hear you out :)

I hear you out :)

please don't disassociate

please don't disassociate chatting with DailyPaul. It is more than half of the reason I come here. Some of us have created good relationships like you people have in the forums. When I think dailypaul I think liberty chat.

I like the idea of an unofficial chat which you could link to from the site. IRC is what RPForums does although I'm not big a fan of the RPF chat they are more controlling there.

It used to fill up with 100 people during events like the debates and even 35+ during the Alex Jones interview. And, many times when someone is invited they say "Wow I had no clue there was a daily paul chat." so they don't know its here or don't know how to find it. just my last 2 cents

Listen to Luna

I love the DP chat. Not a huge fan of the envolve setup, but I would be extremely sad to see that community dissociated from DP. It is one of the primary reasons I come here. I'm more likely to read the chat transcript than comments on forum posts. To me it really brings the site alive.

You gotta do what you gotta do, Michael, but chat got me hooked on this site, and I love the folks who frequent there, and I hope you could figure out a way to shepherd that community forward into the next incarnation.


Only used it when RP was debating on TV

because we don't watch TV. The only reason I have chat enabled in my profile settings is because if I disable it, it also removes the little pop up that lets me know how many people are currently logged in. I wouldn't miss the chat at all, and I could get used to never knowing how many people are logged in.

If it saves you time and money to nix the chat...go for it. As much as I'd like to help out with a donation...we just can't. I barter for much of what we aquire right now.

One day I will donate. But, I know Mike has heard that before and I'm sure it means nothing...but, at least I know I'm being honest.

My question is does getting

My question is does getting rid of chat mean getting rid of the logged in #. I think they are inseparable but it is likely I am wrong on that

I use it

If you don't comment much and you're not into the +/- voting thing, there really aren't many reasons to sign-in other than to use the chat.


Fancy Shmancy Fine Print:

I dont use it

I can see a need for it in the future but not now. Thank you Michael.

Homeland security statement: patriotism is now considered terrorism.
I love www.isidewith.com shared it with everyone I know. If anything they realize its not just a red and blue idiot running for reelection.

Keep it

for a "live event" tool. You should promote more chat activities during debates/Important Congressional Hearings/etc (and if you already do, I apologize) so like minded people can converse during the time of "emotion."

People have a lot more to say when they are freshly pissed off.

Lima-1, out.

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.


Would it be possible to implement a user vote system to temporarily ban (maybe 24 or 72 hours) trouble makers?

This would allow the chat to remain open without having moderators come in all the time.

Or maybe people need to be educated on the "Block user" link provided when you hover over a users' profile in chat.

I think most people don't use it, but the ones that do have been dedicated to it for a long time.

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Not easily done

Would take a lot of programming work to achieve, and could likely easily be abused (people ganging up and bullying another). Not a lot of return for me.

Further, it doesn't address my concern of a false flag (or real) terrorist attack being planned in an unmoderated chat. The last thing I want to hear on the news is, "The massacre was planned in the chatroom of the Daily Paul, a radical, libertarian, pro gun website..."

I know this is on very few people's radar, but it is on mine, as it has to be.

I realize there are people who use it and like it, but the question for me is: Must the DP be all things to all people? There is a limit to how much I can provide. Like the Federal Government, my resources (time and mental energy) have to be spent more wisely.

Maybe one of the dedicated chatters can start their own chat forum - they can have all the fun, and all the headaches.

At this point, they have all the fun, and I have all the headaches.

Mike...Don't buy into irrational fears and

who watches the news anymore? :) but for the record if I were you I would do whatever I thought was the best way for you to enjoy your own personal pursuit of happiness. (especially since your decision in this matter won't affect me one way or another lol)

I completely understand

And if it must be done, it must be done.

But there's other options...there are plenty of well known users that visit the chat regularly. Maybe some of them could be deputized to monitor chat? I always wondered why this was never a consideration for the DP forums in the first place. At least trying a trial basis to see if users could handle the responsibility of restricted moderation.

LunaTech, Permaculture, legalizeliberty, Smudge Pot, The Philosopher, FBI_Exposer, etc, etc, are all dedicated and good users. I don't always agree with them, but they've got this community's best interests at heart.

I second... get rid of it...

I second... get rid of it...

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...