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Update: Does anyone use the DP chat?

Is it a worthy function to keep around?

Like the US Post Office cutting back Saturday delivery, the DP is facing resource constraints of its own.

I've personally never been a fan of chat, and I've rarely (if ever) stepped into the DP chatroom.

What do you guys think? Who here uses it?

Does 'chat' serve a worthy purpose?

Update - from one of my comments below:

Or should I say, problems.

1. I don't like chat. It is like a public version of IM, which is useful to send direct messages, or work on a collaborative project. But the tendency I see is for bored people to use it as a way to kill time. Does chat serve a noble purpose that I'm missing?

2. Chat is a resource drain on the DP's already limited resources. Someone has to moderate it. Inevitably, someone in there gets unruly, starts calling people names, swearing, spamming, etc and then it is "Moderators!" Time is finite, and chasing down spammers and name callers is not my idea of a productive way of spending my time, or moderators' time. I'm not interested in being a policeman, or managing the police force. We do enough of that here on the site. That is a whole 'nother realm to have to monitor.

3. I would be fine with an unmoderated chat - however, there is a liability issue for me and the DP. In such a case, I would have no idea if someone were in there plotting the next terrorist attack, or a false flag ambush, or whatever. Call me paranoid, but thoughts like that make me uncomfortable.

Overall, for me, chat is a negative good. It costs more for me to maintain it than to keep it.

And considering the resource constraints the DP is facing, and the unlikelihood that the fundraiser will be completed, I need to start paring down.

I'm trying to get a sense of who (if anyone) uses it, and of those who do use it, who are helping to support this site financially.

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I disagree with this. Infact

I disagree with this. Infact chat is great for having arguments for people who choose to use that medium. And people enjoy spectating on conversations . Its like entertainment. But then again chat is not specifically a utility for argument or debate but is very simply for... chatting. Just conversation.

If you ever come into the chat room which I can't say that I have seen you there before you'll notice its more like friendly conversation with the occasional serious debate. One person states their thoughts in a nice paragraph and then the next person and the next. If they don't want interference of others they can just block their messages. So I would disagree and say it allows for very thoughtful arguements as well as enjoyable conversation.

Everything from is or is not rand paul a neocon to sharing videos of cats catching rabbits to free energy theories, Do we need an income tax, how does the federal reserve work, what really happened at sandy hook, foreign aid, economic theory, bitcoin, horses, phyics, permaculture, and all kinds of brainstorming.

I just disagree that chat is pointless. Actually compared to other chats I have been to I think that daily paul chat is the most productive and least exclusive of the other liberty chats. It is real time but rather than fast and short it can seriously be slow and loooong debates. Sure you get some weirdo's once in a while and maybe even I am one myself, but just think about the "weirdo" posts at the dailypaul people complain about. All I am saying is because you do not see chat as productive or useful does not mean that others wouldn't seriously disagree.

I have seen plenty of forum discussions where the debates where just pushing bullet point slogans as well and full of closed minded arguements. Its all a matter of opinion as to which medium of communication is preferred. I preffer both posts as well as chat. But I'm bias towards chat maybe a little since i use it alot

I agree with you on many points

If you have good typing skills and enjoy contact on personal level, it does make sense. Debating is difficult for my liking. The thread reveals that the group chat has people who like it and those who do not. That is the purpose of the thread - to see where we stand.

Ummm.. Did you ask the chatterers?


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YES please KEEP

The chat is a great place to share comments and ask questions, without flooding the forum.Its awesome to interact with the chat community.

Personally I rarely go to the forums.. .
Poor forum search tool.
Not really any good stickys.
People always get offend if you ask a question they already read the answer to.
Forum mods can bullies. etc.

I like the DP's front page, video selections and chat!

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Realtime interaction has many advantages

When liberty news comes to the forefront, it is especially nice to be able to discuss, dissect and debate with others. Chat is a way to get directions, instructions or information in an instant. I could fill a book with the knowledge I have acquired hanging out in the DP chat. The humor, support, and camaraderie are added bonuses and much appreciated. I, for one, would miss it.

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phone works pretty well too. (I'm not trying to be mean or sarcastic. I hate texting, and don't use the chat) It just makes sense to me to get on the phone and say what I've got to say and get off. I'm probably one of the few people left on the planet with an old timey flip phone. I got rid of my Blackberry and the 110.00/month AT&T bill as well.
If you've found a DP member you think you might want to "chat" at length with, then maybe you could contact them through the private email system and exchange phone numbers. I've stayed in touch with a few members that way.
It doesn't make sense to pay a lot of money for something that is only being used by a handful of people, especially when times are tough and we're looking at ways to trim operating expenses both in our own lives and at the DP.
I hope you didn't take my post the wrong way.

you silly goose

Imagine sharing any internet link with someone over the phone!

dot com.
yeahthen backslash, question mark , equal sign, uppercase Q, lower case v, six, eight ... etc Hahah

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My desk top PC is used only

My desk top PC is used only for games. I surf the web on my tablet, so chat rooms are not ideal for me. I was once invited to a chat and tried to join, but my tablet wasn't having any of that.

Dump It


I never use it.

I never use it.

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I joined a couple when invited

but the entire format is a bit "chat" like, the chat room seems a bit redundant.

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No sir.

I turned mine off.

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I use it, at times highly

I use it, at times highly informative, depending on subject. Other times not so informative. Nice to talk to other people who are "aware" in real time.... I have had many great books reccomended to me here that have been added to my library.

Would it cost less bandwith if that invite/bug thing that "invites" everyone into DP Chat was eliminated? It seems that people either seek it out on their own or they don't really want to be there...

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don't waste money. use freenode instead...

Just create an IRC room on freenode or something.



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Never used it.

I find it a tad bit intimidating. I have indulged in a bit of "chat" in reply to comments every now and then. If any DPer wants to communicate with me, as has happened in the past, they only have to ask me to contact them privately, via email.

It may be a nice feature, Michael, but if you can cut costs by getting rid of it, DPers still have the option to communicate with those they choose via email. Just my opinion.

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a tad bit intimidating

I should have said that :) It is hard enough for me to give a well thought out reply lol :) Plus when I woke up I was afraid...even of the ID's on the DP lol :) Little more at ease now.

I dont

chat...I could see how it would be useful in real-time political action, but as a day to day thing I have never accepted an invitation to chat. I have it turned off now. I turned it off as soon as I read that I could turn it off.

You mean to to the extent

You mean to to the extent that it's always on and DP is usually up in a tab 24x7? And I'm on the chat right now?

Tell you something about chats. They tend to rise and fall. Cliques rise up, fade and are slowly replaced.

The movement is kind of at a lull period right now and so is the chat but it will heat up again. And a realtime format can be fun! I wonder why some of us don't use it for stuff like presentations. SMUDGE LIVE ON CHAT TONIGHT.

I know, poor example.

Most of those who think so actually don't and most of those who think sew actually rip.

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Remove resource-draining features

"You mean to to the extent that it's always on and DP is usually up in a tab 24x7?"

This. I have generally 10-30 tabs open, in various states of reading completion. On my phone, I generally have 2-7 tabs open, for bathroom break/lunch break reading.

If I do not kill Firefox on my phone (Android), it will deplete my battery in a couple hours.

My expectation, without having installed any sort of resource monitor, is that the Daily Paul tabs are responsible for the battery drain. And it's likely the chat feature, as that has to continually contact HQ so it can update the number of people chatting, etc.

So my vote is to remove it, or at least, to make it a user-option, so a user can say "never show me chat" and I'll have good battery life.

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There is a DP Chat???


Yes we use it.

I'm not a huge fan of the platform, but I'd like to keep some sort of a chat room around. It used to get a lot more attention during the election, as I am sure the overall site did, however, we have some dedicated chatters that I am sure would be sad to see it go.

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People are always sad to see things go

Especially when they're free. But there is a cost on our end and dp is facing resource constraints.

It is no longer free to sign

It is no longer free to sign up at the daily paul. Just pointing that out for you if you started up back when it was. Also some people donate. Not that it means that we understand what is affordable or worthwhile for the website administrators. Just sharing that. But yes the website used to be free to the public. 5 dollars is not much as the minimum required payment but it isn't "free".

Sincerely, me :)

Edit, and I mean that in reference to posting. You can't post or interact unless you pay the registration cost. But sure any site is free to look at just about

I get a little annoyed

Actually, I get a little annoyed when I get invited to chat.

If you don't want to axe it completely, you could probably set up an IRC server for cheap.


I don't

I type too slow for chat.

I honed

my typing skills on the chat. At first I would chicken peck at my keyboard, but during the primary, the chat moved so fast that I had to "evolve." Now I can type pretty well with all fingers, without looking at the keyboard.

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LoL! And I read to slow

for chat. Tried to keep up a couple of times but, I have enough trouble keeping up with the current topics as it is.


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