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Update: Does anyone use the DP chat?

Is it a worthy function to keep around?

Like the US Post Office cutting back Saturday delivery, the DP is facing resource constraints of its own.

I've personally never been a fan of chat, and I've rarely (if ever) stepped into the DP chatroom.

What do you guys think? Who here uses it?

Does 'chat' serve a worthy purpose?

Update - from one of my comments below:

Or should I say, problems.

1. I don't like chat. It is like a public version of IM, which is useful to send direct messages, or work on a collaborative project. But the tendency I see is for bored people to use it as a way to kill time. Does chat serve a noble purpose that I'm missing?

2. Chat is a resource drain on the DP's already limited resources. Someone has to moderate it. Inevitably, someone in there gets unruly, starts calling people names, swearing, spamming, etc and then it is "Moderators!" Time is finite, and chasing down spammers and name callers is not my idea of a productive way of spending my time, or moderators' time. I'm not interested in being a policeman, or managing the police force. We do enough of that here on the site. That is a whole 'nother realm to have to monitor.

3. I would be fine with an unmoderated chat - however, there is a liability issue for me and the DP. In such a case, I would have no idea if someone were in there plotting the next terrorist attack, or a false flag ambush, or whatever. Call me paranoid, but thoughts like that make me uncomfortable.

Overall, for me, chat is a negative good. It costs more for me to maintain it than to keep it.

And considering the resource constraints the DP is facing, and the unlikelihood that the fundraiser will be completed, I need to start paring down.

I'm trying to get a sense of who (if anyone) uses it, and of those who do use it, who are helping to support this site financially.

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LoL! And I read to slow

for chat. Tried to keep up a couple of times but, I have enough trouble keeping up with the current topics as it is.


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