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Gun Ban Repealed! As City Council Meeting Turns Into Massive Pro-Gun Rally


February 05, 2013 KING 5 News | Q13 News | KOMO 4 News

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Who Cares?

The thread is about citizens standing up and forcing back government anti-constitutionalists.

THIS is What is Necessary...

...to restore the Republic!

It is refreshing to see men stand up and openly declare that they will not be debarred their fundamental liberty. A courageous showing and a critically necessary one.

Now, if we can only get more people to not only recognize the critical importance of such open and public stances, but to regularly, openly and unapologetically exercise their liberty and to get directly in the face of those who would restrict them.

Calling them traitors to the Constitution and oath-breakers, calling for their accountability for doing so, was classic AND, once again, critically necessary.

If this type action occurred each and every time government and societal collectivist-weasels attempted to restrict or abrogate liberty, we would have the Republic restored in short order.

Sadly, far to many are advocates for 'civility', 'legislative-processes', 'debate', 'discussion', 'democracy' and 'electoral' solutions, in issues of fundamental-liberty.

I say f-u-c-k them, one and all.

My liberty is not up for debate, discussion, civil discourse, electoral-chicanery, majority rule or any other weasel-rhetoric that has the intent and effect of restricting it...period.

This is why

the American system of government works at local levels and fails in DC. It isn't easy to take rights away from people who are inthe room at the time.


...if people across these united States would openly act and react in this manner, regularly, reference ALL issues of individual liberty and limited government, then the rogues gallery of federal globalist-collectivist weasels would also be held to account.

As long as these instances are rare and isolated, they are all but meaningless in the greater scheme of things.

God, but what I would give for such an awakening.


"I say f--- them one and all."
Dickens couldn't have said it better!
You Go Guy!