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Sexual Harassment Investigation May Delay Hagel Vote

Sexual Harassment Investigation May Delay Hagel Vote

Former Hagel chief of staff claims Hagel never knew, questions victim’s credibility

BY Washington Free Beacon Staff
February 6, 2013 11:32 am

Former Nebraska Sen. Chuck Hagel faces another obstacle in his already contentious fight for confirmation as the Obama administration’s next secretary of defense.

According to Foreign Policy, the Senate Armed Services Committee is investigating a sexual harassment allegation by a former Hagel staffer. The unnamed staffer has been interviewed by the committee about an incident that took place in 2007.

The staffer, whose allegation was found credible by committee staff, does not involve Hagel directly. Instead, the investigation appears to center on whether Hagel knew of the incident and whether it was handled appropriately.

Hagel’s former chief of staff Lou Ann Linehan, who oversaw the disciplinary process now being reviewed, dismissed the allegation and denied that the misconduct was “actually sexual harassment”:

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Hagel must be a truly fine man.

These smears are the efforts of the kind of people who sent "honeypots" to him, little willing boys, outrageous bribes... You know they did all they could to get dirt on him for just such an occasion... This is all they have on him? Seriously, I am impressed.

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.