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Rand Paul: ‘True’ conservative foreign policy is ‘restrained’

Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul on Wednesday called for the U.S. to adopt a "restrained" foreign policy, saying he was skeptical of long-term military efforts that increased power to Congress on matters of war.

In a high-profile speech to the Heritage Foundation, a Republican-leaning Washington think tank whose foreign policy analysts advocate a strong national defense, Paul said conservatives should embrace a foreign policy posture that is less interventionist and less costly.

"It is time for all Americans, and especially conservatives, to become as critical and reflective when examining foreign policy as we are with domestic policy. Should our military be defending this nation or constantly building other nations?" Paul said. "I’d argue that a more restrained foreign policy is the true conservative foreign policy, as it includes two basic tenets of true conservatism: respect for the Constitution, and fiscal discipline."