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Stranger Visions

I watched the other day "Dan Rather Report". Good show, the man is keeping at it on Mark Cuban's network. His topic, the "Cutting Edge" of synthetic biology... And one of the areas where this subject is getting discussed is art. Enter Julia Kaganskiy, an artist that could teach a lot of people about the upcoming genetic surveillance.

"In the case of artist Heather Dewey-Hagborg and her Stranger Visions project, she’s picking up stray hairs, cigarette butts, chewing gum and finger nails in public places like bus stops, restrooms, restaurants, and wherever else people might inadvertently leave traces of themselves behind, and using these samples to sequence and analyze the DNA contained within. She then uses this information to construct speculative portraits of what these anonymous shedders might look like based on their genetic profile."

This is amazing and surreal in the same time. If you can watch the episode or you could find it posted somewhere, please let other people know. For more on her work in this article.

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Here is the YouTube channel
Dan Rather Reports

Dan Rather Reports, "Cutting Edge" Promo for February 5, 2013

Full episode should end up on YouTube soon or here:

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