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Chris Rock: Daddy Obama says we Can't have Guns and we Have To listen to Him

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if the president were still george bush, and bush was trying to take everyones guns, i dont think chris rock would support it.


i remember a certain skit where he says "you got pec's, i got techs"

Try hard?

Did anyone else feel like that was forced? His eyes tell it all.

Also that, Buckwheat look of innocence.

I'm still laughing.

Free includes debt-free!

How pathetic can you get?!

He's our daddy? He's our boss? That was so lame.

What a Stupid...

...piece of schite AND he displays that he is utterly ignorant of the relationship between government and the people.

The POTUS is not my 'boss', my 'leader' or my 'commander in chief'.

He is simply the chief executive officer of the federal government and holds no direct authority over me. POTUS AND his racially motivated lefty-collectivist acolyte (Rock) can kiss Ol' El-Tee's hairy arse.

Oh Boy

How could a guy who writes some really smart comedy be so stupid?

The President is boss, listen

The President is boss, listen or it'll bite you in the ass.

Is this court ordered community service for that last doobie?

Free includes debt-free!


definitely the most ignorant thing I've ever heard... many things of course are equally as ignorant... but wow... just... wow...

all chris rock has is his

all chris rock has is his crazy voice, nothing else

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The GovCo is your Daddy, you are not a free adult

Wow- this is the stupidist arguement I have EVER heard for gun control. Get a brain Chris Rock, you're pathetic. You are supporting slavery and everything we fought against in the revolutionary war. Government officials are not smarter than citizens. I am a free person and capable of taking care of myself. If you need a daddy- go out and get adopted.

Chris Rock: Official racist, unfunny moron.

"Obama is our BOSS." What an idiot. Last I checked weren't we all supposed to be HIS boss? "Obama and the first lady is like our mom and dad." Hey Chris, don't insult my mom and dad.