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Straterra samples peddled on college campuses.....

In college, my friend's dad gave us samples of Strattera, which says a lot about the push for Straterra as a pharmaceutical rather than a supplement.

Quit taking Straterra. Go to your doctor and ask for time release adderal or go totally holistic. Do not go on and off of these medicines, especially Straterra because it is designed like anti-depressants; it builds up in your system, so when you go on and off, it makes your focus worse. Gluten-free diets are best for ADD, especially lots of fruits, nuts, berries and olives.

Adderal, as many of my friends took in college, is ephemerally in your system and you can safely manage doses as needed. Straterra is poison (not that adderal isn't, but you can rinse it out of your system.)

Your job is your lifeline. But may I suggest you revisit what gives you natural motivation in life....maybe you're not doing what your mind is interested in doing.

Clean up your diet and ween

Clean up your diet and ween yourself from those toxic meds.

Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.

Strattera was a magical revelation

of how easy life must be for the normals. But it didn't continue to work for me. Now that I'm gluten-free, I suspect there's something in it that causes the gluten-like brain fog for me.

I worry that it's giving you headaches. Some people have a strong stress-reaction to Strattera. And if that's the source of the headaches, that's a pretty concerning headache healthwise. Strattera isn't bad for everyone, though.

I totally understand the need to work over the need to stay healthy. I'm not going to knock that.


There's this medication called Intuniv. It's generic is the generic of Tenex called guanfacine. Stay away from the Intuniv just because it's an extended release of a medication that doesn't need an extended release version. It's only packaged as an extended release so they can charge more.

You can get guanfacine extremely cheaply. It's worked half-way for me for a long time, but the fatigue side effect is extreme. It takes me months to get past it with every increase in dosage, but it was worth it. I came the other halfway brainwise by going gluten-free. I came the rest of the way energy-wise by going paleo, but I'll still have a fatigued day if I accidentally take too much.

But you might want to stick with the Strattera for the short term in order to keep your job, then experiment with other options later.

Stimulants are another option, but they do increase your body's stress. If you're already self-medicating with coffee, though, it's probably less cortisol-inducing than that. My biggest concern for someone starting to take stimulants, especially Adderall, while their job is on the line is that it's a perfect set-up for overdoing it and crashing.

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Strattera is better than the Class II others,....

like Dexedrine, Concerta, Adderall, and Ritalin. Strattera isn't the street drug "speed", but the side effects can be terrible.

What is your job?
Check through your diet; what are you eating?
How are you sleeping?
How much physical activity are you getting?
What supplements are taking?
Could "NoDoz"/caffeine work as well?

Sorry about your dilemma.

I have ADD, not so afraid of medicine

I'll be honest, I am either too lazy or too ADD to give these 'all-natural' diet-based 'cures' a chance. I work as a software engineer, and couldn't risk an impaired performance trying some of these approaches.

I took adderall throughout high school and college. And switched to focalin recently at work. (Both are forms of dextroamphetimines)

Stratterra never worked for me. It gave me mood swings, I found myself yelling at my parents for the silliest things. It made me sick, and I often just felt weird and 'not myself'.

Early on I felt an aversion to taking adderall because I felt it changed my personality. After going off straterra I realized adderrall didn't effect my personality, it just helped my focus more.

There is nothing wrong with trying different medicines to see what works for you. I personally don't prescribe to the 'ADHD is just a myth perpetrated by big pharma' theory. ADD is something I struggle with every day. That said, I find that a good diet and exercise can increase my concentration, which means I can get by on a lower dose of my medication, but have not eliminated it entirely.

I don't assume to have all the answers for you, but I hope my personal experience will help you in your personal decision making

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That said, I find that a good

That said, I find that a good diet and exercise can increase my concentration, which means I can get by on a lower dose of my medication, but have not eliminated it entirely.

Continue to restore your blood flow.

Additionally, locate the cause of what's impeded it. Remove it. Your blood will flow how it should, including it in, to and from your brain. Gone will be your physical expressions your physical impediments in your brain caused.

Ever ponder why surgeries relieve pain and often require more surgeries and why exercise melts fat? Circulation. The restoration of blood flow, the removal of bad blood and its allowance of new blood and everything good blood brings with it. Constantly the body heals, is in the direction of life. When the body's dis-eased, ease it. Restore what is crucial, this flow. Good luck, buddy.

School's fine. Just don't let it get in the way of thinking. -Me

Study nature, not books. -Walton Forest Dutton, MD, in his 1916 book whose subject is origin (therefore what all healing methods involve and count on), simple and powerful.

It's possible to start observing whether gluten

makes a difference without actually going gluten-free. Most eliminations or supplements take a while to take any effect. But the gluten-induced brain fog is something that can lift in half a day, so it's possible to notice the difference just in the course of normal variations in your diet if you're looking for it and if no other food intolerances are the cause of brain fog.

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Can't truly assess ur problem until your nutrution is rock solid

1. Are you getting all your essential fatty acids? Omega-3s?
If not you need to pound fish oil or omega-3 supplements.

2. Are you getting all your minerals?
If not you need to supplement.

3. Are you getting all your essential amino acids?

4. How about vitamins? Supplement!

Do that for 3-6 months and then reassess your problem. It's most likely that you're deficient in your nutrition. Most Americans are! That's usually the reason disease will manifest.

Essential fatty acids (omega-3) help the brain tremendously.

Nutrition & Behavior - Russell Blaylock, M.D.

Is your Doctor a clueless drug pusher?

How to create killer mice!

Free includes debt-free!

I liked the straterra...and still do but...

I started off on a high dose- 120 mg/day.
I gained weight but it really improved my life quite a bit and allowed me to concentrate ,relax and have a much higher focus on my goals. It changed everything for me in that regard and in 6 years I went from struggling post-college to thriving in my career. After a few years I had them drop it to 80mg/day. I then lost the weight I gained and got in shape. I now supplement that with 5mg Adderall twice a day and it is working out.

I also noticed a big change when I started eaten less junk food and more home cooked meals. The only problem I have with the Strattera is that if I forget to eat or take fish oil with it I get a little ill for about an hour afterwards.

I recommend going back on at least one, maybe on a lower dose and see if you could tolerate that and still be productive at work.

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Scary when you start

liking it. Please be careful. Years ago the designer drug was thorazine. It turned people into robots.

Liking having your brain function

closer to how it's supposed to isn't scary.

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In this case I like it for a good reason

Those with ADHD have a problem metabolizing norepinephrine(Noradrenaline)which means they tend to be a little panicky most of the time. This was the case with me and I had a difficult time being comfortable with what I was doing even if it was the correct thing. When I started the Strattera it fixed that for me.

A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history.
~Mahatma Gandhi

Perhaps it is not the same

Perhaps it is not the same for everyone, but I have been addicted to a substance before. I did not "like" the substance during that time.

I do, however, very much like another substance, which I am not addicted to but partake in on a regular basis.

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Be Strategic

One problem is that the company is involved with your medication.
Also, right now isn't the best time to try alternative treatments/cures because if it doesn't work, you might loose your job.

Gracefully leave the company such that you can use them as a reference and get into a company without telling them about your medication (which should be private).

This means playing along for a while; getting back on the meds long enough to get them off your back and to view you favorably.

Then, move on to another job, take a long break/vacation, or sebbatical; giving you time to try a cure. Say what ever you need to in order to create the personal space/privacy to do this.

If it doesn't work and you must return to your job, you can get on the meds again, temporarily, and try again later.

A couple of tips from my mother.

My mother was a special education teacher for many years, and worked with a lot of kids that suffered from ADD/ADHD. She hated what the medications would do to her students, turning them into little zombies, so she worked with the parents to try to wean them off the meds. One thing she found that worked was diet change. ABSOLUTELY NO artificial sweeteners, preservatives, colors, flavors of any kind; no sugar, no white flour, no white rice. Just the elimination of those things made a dramatic difference in the child's ability to behave and concentrate in class.

Are you kidding?

I see you say she "was" a teacher - get herself fired for actually helping the kids, did she?

Over and over you will see the replies here... These kids are not "disordered" they are POISONED.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Neurofeedback fixed my ADD

check it out. It's never covered by insurance because it's a one time fix and you aren't dependent on drug company products for the rest of your life.

All the cures are found in nature

None of the cures are supplied by Big Pharma...except for bacterial infections and things like that. Cures don't fit their business model. They don't get rich that way. they get rich by selling treatments, their vaccines cause many of the cronic health problems later in life.

ADHD..... have you ever been tested for metals ?


"Take hold of the future or the future will take hold of you." -- Patrick Dixon


Treatment is code for conspiracy to to create permanent reliance on drugs that only really create dozens of more conditions that will also require treatment. Im just surprised how many employees have been able to keep their mouth shut

My brother-in-law went off meds and smokes weed for it.

Says it helps him more and no personality changes. He was diagnosed when he was a kid and was on meds until he moved out on his own. You can tell when he's out of weed...he paces a lot.

Do yourself the favor and

Do yourself the favor and keep doing exactly what you're doing right now and you will make the right decision. When you know how dangerous these drugs can be, and when you fully understand who is benefiting from your misfortune it's hard to take the drugs again.

I don't believe in ADD anymore.
No More ADHD -

Some crazy stats about the meds in this film (log into netflix first): The War On Kids -

Something is causing your performance to slip at work but its not lack of prescription medication for a medical disorder. It could be a number of things. Bad work environment, bad health, lack of sleep, overuse of drugs/alcohol (again bad health).

This might find some insight about whether or not to leave your job:

Your body is an amazing machine and is capable of healing itself if anything is wrong.

- Grow Mushrooms at Home

What's causing your ADD?

There are lots of great ideas in this thread about treatments that have proven helpful for ADD. The question remains why do YOU have ADD? To answer that question requires that you do a lot of research first about all the potential causes of ADD and then find a doctor who is willing to do the testing to pin down which cause(s) are involved.

To start treatment without knowing if that cause is involved is just guessing and can lead to many unsuccessful attempts and take a lot longer to cure the problem.

Some causal candidates you might consider starting with:
- tryptophan deficiency (precursor to serotonin-the primary inhibitory neurotransmitter in the body.)
- iodine or tyrosine - the two precursors to thyroxine, the main thyroid hormone responsible for setting your rate of metabolism
- toxic levels - many different toxins are associated with hyperactivity. Testing for all the candidates can be expensive though. Alternatively you can test how your body processes all toxins and look at your glutathione levels.
- Omega 3 fatty acids - a major ingredient in the brain that influences many things including inflammation in the brain and myelin production which insulates one nerve from 'shorting out' on it's neighbor.
- Magnesium - this mineral is involved in many pathways that can contribute to over activity of muscles and nerves.

Best wishes. For May 17 Money Bomb!

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Marijuana

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Marijuana

Cannabis 'Scrips to Calm Kids?,3566,117541,...

State might allow medical marijuana for people with attention deficit

Couple other things

Exercise and meditate, It will help a ton.

Part of ADHD is bad habits

Switch to Concerta (time release Ritalin) for ADHD. It doesn't have the weird side effects of Strattera. I take 3 meds, BTW: Concerta, Strattera, and citalopram. All three help me with ADHD. Only Strattera causes side effects, but they're minor. If I had to or wanted to give up one and keep the other two, I'd give up Strattera.

The thing is, these pills are crutches to cut down on the impulsiveness, but the unwanted behaviors go beyond being distracted easily. Need to be mindful, train the brain on the good behaviors. Take a look at "mindfulness".

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quit TV immediately

it interferes with your brain's ability to function naturally.

learn to play music, it calms the brain.

seriously, kill your TV.

And internet

Like cartoons brainwashing kids, the internet brainwashes people who like to read, but who should pick up a book. I shut down my browser earlier tonight and it asked me if I wanted to close 162 tabs. Criminy.

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