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Adam Kokesh interviews Orly Taitz !come to the supreme court in Washington february 12th!

wonderful interview with Dr. Orly Taitz @ Adam vs the Man


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She Said

she has yet to find one honest congressman. Well, how about RON PAUL?!


Unfortunately he didn't touch

Unfortunately he didn't touch it either.

If our presidents are being sworn into the office of

President of the United States of America "The Corporation" and not into the office of President of the United States of America "The Country" that would be a revelation of epic proportions.

I've researched the Corporation of the United States and for sure it exsists. But finding reliable information and/or any convincing evidence to substantiate such an incredible claim has been impossible for me to locate.

Quite a few Patriot Groups and Freeman type websites put forward a hypothesis that early in the 20th century...(somewhere around 1917) a mirror image of our country and all her official documents were created for the corporation of the United States. All offices and officers of America "the country" were vacated and America the country...along with the original constitution was somehow relagated to a dormant status based on the fact that all elected offices, positions, and posts had been vacated. (The elected officials and other government employees knowingly or unknowingly moved into the exact same position, doing the exact same job, in the exact same location, etc)

One thing that always disturbs me is how just about every politician and every public official always refer to the United States as a Democracy when its very clear in the Constitution that America is a constitutional republic. But the corporation of the US could be refered to as a democratic institution and the often heard phrase that we are spreading democracy around the globe would then make sense because what our aggressive wars are really doing is spreading democratic multi-national corporations around the world in areas where there are resources those corporations covet.

One thing is for sure, everyone skoffs at the possibility that something so unbelieveable could actually have taken place, that regardless of where or when I mention it, I immediately get a handful of tinfoil hats hurled my way. I'm personally not inclined to believe this is true but its frustrating that I can't prove one way or the other.

Has anyone else done any research on this radical explaination?

Again, I'm not proposing that there is any validity to the claims being made. I'm just mentioning it because there is so much that just doesn't make sense and considering all I have learned about false flags, The Federal Reserve, The State of Israel, etc...nothing would shock me anymore.

You said:

"I've researched the Corporation of the United States and for sure it exsists. But finding reliable information and/or any convincing evidence to substantiate such an incredible claim has been impossible for me to locate."

Did you miss this thread?


Check out the links and listen to the show. It's a corporate body politic no doubt. We haven't had a legitimate gov't body since 1871 when the 41st Congress walked out.

The South - My Comment was not clear

I've got documentation and evidence that the corp of the US exsists...no problem there. What I don't have and can't find is if the US Corp somehow created what I can only describe as a mirror image of America (the country) and through legal manuevers and for lack of better terminlogy "behind closed doors" a group of people (probably international bankers) transferred ALL powers and positions of America (The country) into some kind of legal guardianship to the corporation of the US. If true, America the country and all of the sacred documents that we THINK our so called leaders are suppose to abide by have probably been legally designated to be in some kind of suspended mode. The remedy to this from what I've read is to just fill all the vacated positions of America the country and it would then once again "come back to life".

Check out this site and see if it makes any sense to you

You are correct:

People must re-inhabit the Republic side and stop voting in the Democratic elections.

When the 41st Congress walked out sine die, the corporate fascist took over and began to occupy those seats.

I don't know what it's going to take to get the Republic side back up and running again, but at least we now know how to distance ourselves from their system by rescinding our voter registration signatures and forcing them to cough up an employment contract with payroll records if they insist they have some legal authority over you.

Double speak

He is 'sworn in" twice. Once privately then again in public, televised.
Maybe he uses the Corporation in private and the country for TV.
Why two? Has to practice reading?


Ritual mockery for the public

ritual in private.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.



I think he's a citizen, but he lied and said he wasn't so he

could get special scholarships for college. That's why all the cover up with his school records and #SS numbers.

Snopes -

Snopes - http://www.snopes.com/politics/obama/birthers/ssn.asp

Supporters of Obama always use this as a defense. Snopes is not a reliable journalistic source and is run by a husband-wife team.

Obama's 2008 tax return - http://www.scribd.com/doc/64758272/Proof-Obama-Uses-Stolen-C...

I don't care what he is hiding

He was not vetted. I have to produce more records to get a driver's license than he did to be president. And his FIRST ACT as president was to seal his records. Whatever he is hiding, it is pretty important to him. If it was just for scholarships, he could have paid it back plus a nice "endowment" and all records of the scholarship would have gone away.
There is a document floating the net where his mother indicated he was an Indonesian citizen, or something like that. I don't think there is "a lie" he is covering, I think he is entirely fictional, a chimera created to inspire many cultures to rally behind his call for "CHANGE" without ever asking what kind of change he was talking about. I mean there is a real human and he might even have been named "Barack" at birth, but we just can't really verify anything about him... sort of like a Sandy Hook situation.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

You're absolutely right. He

You're absolutely right. He was never vetted by either the Dems or by the CIA.

"Ex-CIA Operative: Obama Never Properly Vetted

"In my experience, a valid candidate, with nothing to hide, is eager to help in the vetting process. From providing full details of his/her personal and professional background, to revealing deep personal issues, a valid candidate works with those doing the vetting.

In the 2008 presidential election, candidates were vetted by the press in varying degrees. The media examined, analyzed, and publicly evaluated them. They explored in detail John McCain’s personal wealth, marriage, place of birth, mental stability, and other important issues. McCain cooperated, provided documents, and answered questions.

On the other hand, Barack Obama’s background remains nearly a blank slate. His school records, from kindergarten to law school, remain hidden. The story of his financial support is hidden — his private elementary and high school in Hawaii, his international travel, his graduate and undergraduate tuition and living expenses, and more. And these are just the beginning of the Barack Obama vetting failure.

My extensive research into the espionage operations of the Communist International (Comintern), detailed in Willing Accomplices, familiarized me with their techniques. One of their most common tactics when responding to exposure is so pervasive that it could be their motto: Admit nothing. Deny everything. Make counteraccusations.

For a professional vetter, it is clear that one candidate in 2008 was concealing vital information, at best. The documents and stories floated to support the candidate’s claims only raise more suspicion.

The most disturbing aspect of attempts to vet the mystery candidate was the Obama camp’s vigorous response. Their stereotypical response is nearly as damning as any information that could be revealed: Admitting nothing, denying everything, and making counteraccusations, the vetting of candidate Obama continues.

Do we need a professional candidate vetter? It looks like the project may have just begun. The future of our country might depend on it."

Kent Clizbe, a former CIA covert case officer, is a professional vetter. From spies to computational linguistics engineers he has successfully vetted scores of valid candidates, and exposed many lying candidates. His upcoming book, "Willing Accomplices," explores how the KGB used covert influence to destroy American exceptionalism and create Political Correctness and Progressive politics.