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Hooray! They can diagnose evil with X-ray exam of the brain!


"‘But this is definitely the region of the brain where evil is formed and where it lurks."

‘Of course it is not automatic. The brain can compensate somewhat for violent tendencies and it is unclear how that works.

‘But when I will look at young people, and I see there are developmental disorders in the lower forehead brain, I can say that there is a felon in the making with 66 per cent probability."

Now I want you to read this carefully. What they measured was RESPONSE to violent stimulus, and they extrapolate that out to mean they can predict felons. There is not one word about controls, about checking the reactions of an equal number of generous, caring people. There is a mention of this area being disturbed by seratonin problems, but fails to mention that the PRIMARY "environmental factor" in seratonin problems are the SSRIs that people like him prescribe.

This is pinpointing something evil, don't you doubt it.

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Next thing you know their be G-men at your door.

That airport X-ray judged you guilty. We're coming to take you away.

So let me get this straight the doctor accosts the patient, if he responds violently that is evil? Who are the morons that dream this stuff up.

If they don't react they are probably on a low cholesterol diet and testosterone deficient. Neutered by their diet!

Free includes debt-free!

"Mental health" is the new

"Mental health" is the new eugenics.

politicians should

Have to register their brains.

Politicians are automatically exempt.

They have no brains. Their evil is generated from the empty place where a soul would otherwise reside.

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.