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Rebuttal to DP post: "Top 3 reasons the liberty movement failed"

Logically speaking, I should name at minimum, 3 reasons proving the Liberty movement did not fail. So here are 3 in no particular order, for starters:

* "First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win." DONE

Sometimes long term winning means short term losing: Dr. Paul's Presidential runs; the Aaron Swartzs' along the way. And where are the neocon intellectuals? Ron Paul is the only intellectual to come along since the great conservative usurper, William F. Buckley ... (unless you consider Krauthammer and Kristol intellectuals?)

* "Liberty and freedom bring people together." A Work In Progress, Always. WINNING!

Just look underneath at the movement's tent size and diversity!; the 2nd Amend fighters, including County Sheriffs, coming out of the wood works! States beginning to exert their 10th Amend. rights! the Whitehouse bumping petition sigs in 30 days to what, 200, 250 thousand from the original 25,000?; the staggering military support for RP's foreign policy; I could go on and on...

* "If you aren't having fun changing minds, you're not doing something right." DONE

The internet is where it's at — unlike the MSM of Hillary "We're losing the information war!" Clinton; numerous hackers like Anonymous; Photoshoppers mocking the administration's "DO NOT Photoshop [Photoshopped] Obama"; the signs at Pro 2nd Amen. rallies; police dept.s' setting up flash booths to sell your guns while having to compete along side gun retailer's out pricing them ...just to name a few current events...

I know the above are quotes, but my point (argument) is, "quiltyspart" is guilty of judging Dr. Paul and the movement from within a vacuum.

In order to grasp a clear picture of the movement's success today, one must understand its history. Time is still of the essence. There's no time to let up. But now the proverbial "shoe is on the other foot" and it's our turn to have a brief, hearty laugh; enjoy the fruits of our labor, as it were.

The neocons (communists) are without a leader, at least an intellectual one - since William F. Buckley - the usurper of the conservative party. And thanks to Dr. Paul, "The Old Conservative Right Is Again the New Right". Ron Paul and the r3volution he inspired is today's "Colossus".

Laugh along and hold your head high, "quiltyspart". Transcript (2/2013) and Podcast(6/2012) of Ryan McMaken, Political Science professor, and Lew Rockwell:

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