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Rand Paul on Situation Room 2/6/2013

Wish I had the video...just wanted to give you guys a heads up that he was on talking about foreign policy. Good interview.

Thanks for the vid link, eduardo89


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Rand Paul is our ONLY chance

Rand Paul is our ONLY chance at NATIONAL recognition or change in the near future. Period. Anyone wasting their time on this website who doesn't realize that is pissing in the wind. (all over yourself).

He's only hero to a

He's only hero to a liberty-lite nobody like you. Go ahead and vote in 2016. The powers that be will let the Republican arm of the Money Party win in order to provide the illusion of balance. You miserable sheep, you STILL think voting matters?

“Facts don’t cease to exist because they are ignored.” – Aldous Huxley

What's next? Is he going to

What's next? Is he going to join the CFR and attend the Bilderberg meetings? This guy shares only one thing with Ron Paul. A last name.

"It does not take a majority to prevail, but an irate tireless few keen on setting the brushfire of freedom in the minds of men." - Samuel Adams

I hope he does. We got

I hope he does. We got infiltrated, we should infiltrate all of it.. and shut it down. Or change it from the inside out. The ONLY option for real change BTW. You think the GOP is just going to "fold"? LOLOLOLOLOL. Slap yourself in the face.

If you listened to the show

you will see he has joined the CFR, and I think that's great, becasue that's how you change things.

maybe a good slogan

for rand would be:

Join The NonRevolution.

they went after gary johnson for the CFR membership. turned out to be a smear:

I think

Join the NonLibertyMovement would be better, after all, thanks to Ron Paul there is a rEVOLutiuon in the GOP, and thanks to Rand Paul, it continues.

I disagree with you Granger

That is not how you change things. That is how you comply.

And I don't agree with you geraldcostello

Because compliance may be what some do, but that is not what all do who get into government.

Rand is setting himself apart from the Bushdoctorine of pre-emptive war, and why he is getting MSM attention, many of us hoped Ron Paul would get.

Everyday we comply.. right now, you are complying to the rules of DP.

Compliance is not bad except when it is to a bad policy, and to change that policy, you have be become part of the machine.

What does the CFR really do?

How can it be good to join this? So you can hob nob with the elites and slap old fat guys on the back and laugh at their jokes? Look at the people who are members and what they stand for.

The CFR establishes and qualifies those who belong to it.

Obama is not on the CFR, does that make him better? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Members_of_the_Council_on_Forei...

I see the members and admit, I use many of these corporations services. You don't?

that dud is why it's good Rand got in

Because I don't see Rand, who wants an audit, making speaches saying he LOVES the CFR. I think Rand would say the CFR has lost it's way, just as Ron Paul who was a Republican his entire life, said about the GOP.

drudge is running

the time cover of rubio with the caption "republican savior"
it appears the old boy network has picked their boy. got to have that latino vote
you see. regardless of all the playing along rand has been up to he can't deliver that.
if rubio is the anointed one i predict rand will get similar treatment that his dad received. the GOP may actually want to win in 2016. i don't believe they did this last time.
romney was godawful, and just the other day i heard rand still saying he respects him. good grief!

in case you're wondering i think rubio is godawful as well.

Not only "picked their boy"

They've put $30 million on him and are going to the conventions to promote him, while we run to go see Raimondo.

Rand is going to win you can not stop an idea that's time has come.. and that includes the so called Ron Paul Repukagains who work so hard to deafeat us from within, with the likes of rallying the defeatist Raimondo, when we should be fighting Rove and Rubio.

that's one way

of looking at it. but the movement is based on principles
and to see them traded off one at a time makes many a libertarian minded individual sick.

Too many here do not understand PRINCIPLES

PRINCIPLES are MORALS and ETHICS, and then we have a beast called POLITICAL PRINCIPLES http://www.thefreedictionary.com/principle

Note political principles are OF DEMOCRACY, as defined in the Constitution.. which has been DEMOCRACTICALLY DESTROYED.

Many here did not join the GOP because it was not their ethical principle to join what is corrupt (as if the LP or CP/AIP were not also corrupt, or being an Independent voter, have NO representation is not to the benefit of TPTB?)

It is a shame that people use PRINCIPLES as an EXCUSE to do nothing at best, and fight those who are doing what Ron Paul asked us to do at most.

If you saw the video I shared on Nader's speach.. you would have seen him say.. "UNLESS WE TAKE ONE OF THE PARTIES OVER".

This is a POLITICAL PRINCIPLE, and the one I have chosen.

The Ten Principles of a Free Society

from the great LRC blog:

The Ten Principles of a Free Society

by Ron Paul

This is the Appendix to Ron Paul's new book, Liberty Defined.

Rights belong to individuals, not groups; they derive from our nature and can neither be granted nor taken away by government.
All peaceful, voluntary economic and social associations are permitted; consent is the basis of the social and economic order.
Justly acquired property is privately owned by individuals and voluntary groups, and this ownership cannot be arbitrarily voided by governments.
Government may not redistribute private wealth or grant special privileges to any individual or group.
Individuals are responsible for their own actions; government cannot and should not protect us from ourselves.
Government may not claim the monopoly over a people's money and governments must never engage in official counterfeiting, even in the name of macroeconomic stability.
Aggressive wars, even when called preventative, and even when they pertain only to trade relations, are forbidden.
Jury nullification, that is, the right of jurors to judge the law as well as the facts, is a right of the people and the courtroom norm.
All forms of involuntary servitude are prohibited, not only slavery but also conscription, forced association, and forced welfare distribution.
Government must obey the law that it expects other people to obey and thereby must never use force to mold behavior, manipulate social outcomes, manage the economy, or tell other countries how to behave.

Rand has real potential

I think we could have a winner with this guy.

Look, he isn't RON Paul. But he's a damn site better than any other GOP huckster. He comes off as less "scary" than Dr. Paul. I know, I know, we purists hate any concession to political reality. But, sometimes we seem to let perfection become the enemy of the good.

I say, despite his obvious flaws, Rand is worthy of the Liberty Movement's support.

Rand is "The best of GOP

Rand is "The best of GOP hucksters" ???? The lesser of two evils doesn't work anymore. I find Rand Paul more of a snake in the grass than any other sitting senator.

Rand says: War is a horrible tragedy

A million Christians in Syria are from Iraq, and the rebels are radical elements from Islam, and Rand wants to not give them weapons (no funding for arms, only humanitarian funds).

Humanitarian assistance should happen, giving arms is not a solution, Rand says. Rand says the US is sending weapons and a problem. I agree.

Rand has joined the Foreign Relation committee and says containment is a good idea in keeping peace (this opposes Bush doctorine, preemptive war) and he opposes troops occupying the world RAND SAYS.

Concerning Iran, stragic ambiguity is better.. note, Obama took nukes off the table and headline news this morning is Iran says nukes are on the table, and talks won't work. (VP Biden opened up to dilomacy after Rand's Harritage speach). http://news.msn.com/world/irans-supreme-leader-rejects-direc...

Rand is correct. Iran is showing their true colors. Many here may side with Iran because they don't understand the whole picture reguarding global war or why the US is doing what it is doing (Obama and Biden are all over the map as if they don't agree, don't have a plan, are not prioritizing a strtigy), such as spying on Iran, which backfired http://www.nbcnews.com/id/50728811. Rand is moving away from these kind of actions.

"We should not walk around with a swagger, saying we will drop a nuclear bomb on Iran. There are things that need to be known that are better left unsaid." It's the concealed weapon idea, which anyone with a concealed weapon permit understands, and Ron Paul would agree. We have a right to DEFEND our interests.

Then Rand is asked about Americans being targeted with no judicial review. He says, he's troubled by it. Then he talks about a 16 year old boy killed who was related to somebody who renounced his country, a terrorist, Rand would have tried that renouncer for TREASON, FISA court, "or some judge..because killing someone without any judicial oversite is an inappropriate activity for the executive banch/ president."

I don't see anything wrong with what Rand has said. Ron Paul talks about what we would all like to see, but he does not talk about how to get from where we are, to where we want to be. "Just bring them home", is not so simple. Rand is changing the Bush doctorine which Obama kept. So I think Rand is doing a wonderful job educating people and how to wage PEACE in a world that wants WAR.


Well said, and I will give Josf a bravo below as he points out the truth about those in power. I appreciate reading insightful comments.

Tar Baby

"(Obama and Biden are all over the map as if they don't agree, don't have a plan, are not prioritizing a strtigy)"

I threw my hat in here and now I'm working to distance myself from a possible misunderstanding.

Those who are the most powerful human beings on the planet have their power by way of crime made legal, and they are now spending that power on wars.

This is a comprehensive understanding, or competitive perspective, and you can check the facts yourself - please.

Some people say that the Trade War (so called) is done to subsidize exports, or some other such nonsense, and many (including Gerald Celente) do not seem to look past that half truth.

Wars cost a lot in materials.

That is where the power is going.

When all these "Central Banks" around the world start "printing money" they are buying things.

What are they buying?

They are buying the means by which they can keep stealing, and then remain the most powerful human beings on the planet.


(Obama and Biden are all over the map as if they don't agree, don't have a plan, are not prioritizing a strtigy)

I want to make sure that I distance my viewpoint (expressed below) of Rand Paul from anything such as that quote above may inspire in anyone's mind.

That above, to me, is the very dangerous viewpoint, often repeated, that is false, concerning "how stupid those guys are" and of course, by relative measure, how smart we are.

We, supposedly the smart ones, keep paying them for lying so well.

How smart can that be?

If "they" are so dumb, then how is it that some 250 million people in this country are working harder and harder, as they are told to do, so as to pay for World War III, where our "stupid leaders" plan on us loosing that war, so that they can stay in power and we pay the bills?

So...no, "they" are not stupid.

They are very evil criminals, and they are not making mistakes, and if the collection of some 250 million victims, give or take a few thousand, don't wise up, and stop rewarding the best liars for lying so well, then the wrong end of the War and Global Bank Monopoly stick will be ours to handle soon enough.

That is what is at stake, and I can almost guarantee that Rand Paul knows this better than I do, so I can imagine only so far as to what is on the road he is on.

Go ahead and call me stupid too, if it makes you feel slightly better.


Bravo Josf

Great to point out the Legal Criminals doing what they are doing. Needs to be said so it can be known!

This is disjointed

I lost my place in the flow of discussion, so here goes here:

Rand Paul

I've seen him. I've eaten breakfast a few tables from him. I've personally paid for, and sat, and listened to what he had to tell a small audience in Reno Nevada.

I have some measure of the man, more than just reading, or watching, but certainly not being his Dad, raising him, and so I don't know.

Ron Paul

I first heard about Ron Paul in my early awaking days, and I found, finally, another so called "conspiracy theorist" on a newsgroup, I remember that well, it was before I ran for congress, and I read what the man had to say, and I said to the person handing the paper to me, WOW!

That is right on.

And then the person handing the paper to me said, look who wrote that, which I did, and it said Texas Congressman Ron Paul, not past Congressman, but that "conspiracy theorist", so named, was in office, and spreading this information.

That was back in my John Birch Society days.

My NRA membership days.

I've met Ron Paul, almost shaking his hand, the first time in Las Vegas Nevada. I heard him speak. That was when he mentioned the "anarchists" in the audience. I may have been targeted as one. I don't know, but as far as Ron Paul, the man, and the messages, there is little to doubt, he is the real deal.

I've met Ron Paul again, same place as Rand, not personally, not one one, but that isn't important to me, just the way it is, limited, but more than just reading or watching video, or television, or hearing radio.

So Rand Paul is the son of Ron Paul.

They did not eat together for breakfast, as far as I could tell, I was speaking to my wife at breakfast.

Does the apple fall far from the tree?

Maybe not, and that can be proven out in time.

As far as the National (not federal) election frauds go, I've seen 3 now that stand out, the first Ross Perot one, and both of the Ron Paul ones, and what can happen next?

What if Ron Paul didn't have a son in the Senate?

Jesse Ventura?

This isn't gambling, or if it is the stakes are high.

If We the People, we The Mob, this collective sum total of "votes" (the POWER that actually does count however that is measured) End the FED, and End the IRS, and Bring the Troops Home by July 4th of this year, how does that affect the Federal (no longer national) election coming to a theater near you?

Why gamble?

Stop paying (whatever power is fueling Legal Crime) the best liars (and pedophiles, rapists, torturers, and serial killers, sociopaths, psychopaths, frauds, extortionists, and mass murderers) so much for doing such a good job and what happens?

Rand Paul is elected and he wants to wipe Iran off the map?


Don't pay him either.


Not stupid, but very difficult to understand

Seems no matter how slow I read your post, it's iver my head, so I can not say you're stupid, apparently you are WAY WAY over my head making me the stupid one.

So let me try to understand what you are saying:

First, I don't see them as the most powerful people. I believe the most powerful people keep themselves in power by remaining hidden and employ puppets such as Obama and Biden.

I'm not aware of the trade war to subsidize exports. I thought it was a privatized prison industry that did that. My understanding is the USA has the largest prison industrial complex in the world.

War is spoils.

Where is what power going? Oil.. to protect the investments Americans made in the ME with contracts the Arabs agreed to, and when the Arabs decided they wanted our investment and to break the agreements, we have had issues ever since. And still Americans buy gas fueled vehicles and depend on a oil based society, they don't want to drill for oil in their own back years, but don't want wars. We all seems to want our cake and eat it too.

Ok so central banks,, printing monopoly money.. are buying peace, and why you don't have a nuke exploding over your head right now.

I am not saying Obama or Biden are stupid. I am saying that they are not in the same page. Buden said the other day he wants diplomacy. Obama is saying he wants to continue Bush pre-emtive doctorine.

Where do you get this idea I think they are dumb? I don't think they are dumb. I don't agree with Obama. appreciate what Biden said, and point out Biden and Obama are not in agreement.

We have nearly 9 million of those people on disabilty,, halfof those mentioned are chulred and are "protected" by child labor laws so they are not working.. 18 nillion are in the service, millions are in prisons or working for prisons, and many others are working for one government department or another and most of them frankly don't give a damn, but are more interesing in what's for dinner.

As for them being criminals.. whose going to police them? Are you suggesting the UN? If you are suggesting that it we the people, then how do we the people do that?

Ron Paul wanted us to join the GOP, become delegates, take committee seats, get elected into office and be the change you want.. that's what I've done. That's what I'm doing.

It appears to me, that Rand Paul is wafging peace with a prioritized stratigy that eliminates pre-emptive war and brings us back to Congress declaring war and people being tried in courts rather than drone fodder.

I feel good because I LOVE Jesus and am grateful for the wonderful gifts my God gives me, filling my days with joy and happiness, the clean air and water, the flowers and tall trees, the beauty and peace that surrounds me and gives me serenity.

peace be with you.

Good questions!

Ones I didn't think of myself. But Granger, I used to have to read Josf 2 or 3 times to understand his words. I still do sometimes every now and then have to reread a paragraph or something. But finally I am understanding his words the first time thru...it only took 10 months...

I don't know enough about history or current events to ask the kind of questions you raise though. But I do see the world as being run by a bunch of criminals with a goal to maintain their power.

I do think we want to to drill, but there are forces at work to keep us from drilling and some of that is propaganda that other suck up and then they don't want to drill. It is all about the money IMO. There are probably better sources of fuel than oil, but they may be snuffed so that the power remains focused on oil. I can't back that up so probably shouldn't have said it.

I have been thinking about the prison thing as well. A lot of countries kill alot of their criminals instead of housing them. Criminals are also let loose on society during revolutions. That concerns me as I see we have such a large prison population. What if they are being radicalized. What if we are disarmed and they are let loose during a civil uprising? Prisoners were set free in Lybia and got Gadaffi. Then the prisoners were in charge. Anyways I saw a documentary about that so I could back that one up, but I would never watch it again. It was horrible violence.

This "I feel good because I LOVE Jesus and am grateful for the wonderful gifts my God gives me, filling my days with joy and happiness, the clean air and water, the flowers and tall trees, the beauty and peace that surrounds me and gives me serenity. "

is much better than focusing on violence. But I do think Josf has a point about the Criminal Power in charge.



If working so hard to understand someone suited you, then good on you! Josf could be a lump of gold, but since I'm not seeking gold, I'm not interested in digging to get there.

(((((bear)))) As a Christian, you KNOW, there is Jesus Christ and there is THE WORLD, as it was, and will be, for ever and ever.

If it suits you to look at the world being run by criminals, then you will find yourself surrounded by criminals who take everything from you and hurt you. I don't see it like that.

I see good in people, and I think the world, being what it is, twists what is good to make it bad. One must have a very clean heart, clear head and hardened guts to see through the hate, confusion, and apathy.

Most Americans I know don't want to drill. We have a very popular bumper sticker on local's cars here. It's an oil well with a red circle and line crossing it, signifying: NO DRILLING. Many times the same car will have a NO WAR bumpersticker on the gasoline powered cars.

Most of our prisoners are non-violent. My preist homily last Sunday.. he talked about his previous work where he misistered at a prison. He talked about how our three strikes laws have put many young people behind bars for "kid stuff". Tears came to his eyes, and I could see, that he was hurt by the injustice of our system. A friend pointed out to me that the crime report now lists names, but not what the person did.

I think josf's point creates apathy, fear and hate.

What's he doing about it? Getting as far away as he can from those who don't buy it. Good for him. I appreciate it.

Josf and I are NOT on the same page. I LOVE it!

Blessings to you, my friend in Jesus.

My friend, I had to laugh

tho it may not be a laughing matter:

Are you calling me a “Gold Digger?"

I had to chuckle as I drove the kids home from school and those words came to me. I have thought of your words alot of the day...but have been on the run most of it.

Is a thief considered a non-violent offender? I have to ask, because unfortunately we have had a thief in our church. Stole the church offering, stole from church people both in their homes and at the church. Tried to break into our 90 year old widows home. He tried to break into our home as well. Tried to break into the church, stole from walmart, broke into my boy’s Christian School etc etc etc. He is back in prison. I am sorry for him and his family. It grieves me, and yet I am glad he cannot try to break into our homes any more. He could get hurt or hurt someone, tho he is barely a man...probably older than I give him credit for these days now that I am hitting the 50 mark. There is a drug connection.

I don’t know that I am on all of Josf’s pages, but he has been helpful to me to understand what is going on. He has been willing to listen to the Gospel as well as hear Scripture. I pray that he will have eyes to see and ears to hear the Word of God. I think his views are interesting.
The Word says:

• 1 Timothy 6:10 KJV
For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after , they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.

Jesus said

• Matthew 6:24 KJV
No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.

I do think that the love of money is the key to finding the evil. I think that when you talk about Jesus and “The World” that perhaps part of the characteristics of the world is the service of mammon. I think that there is great power to be had in our nation and I think that those that love money love to wield that power to gain more power. A lot of those in congress entertain lobbies more than they entertain the wishes of the people. It is a power struggle and I think Josf’s viewpoint may be correct. The criminals have made laws to make their crime legal so that they can steal more power.

Josf spreads the message:
End the Fed
End the IRS
Bring the Troops Home
He does this with a Liberty Day Challenge http://www.dailypaul.com/259985/liberty-day-challenge-july-4... whereby he suggests that we figure out how to have our own competitive forms of money for exchange and quit funding the criminals and using their money.

I am not afraid of everything anymore. Understanding what is going on has given me a sense of peace. Josf has been willing to answer and re-answer questions until I understand.

You my friend are able to work with people in groups of people to achieve great things. That is a gift. I am lacking that gift. I tend to be more of a do it myself person and leave me out of the committees or group think. I don’t like that about myself, but it is how I am wired. I appreciate all that you are doing in the GOP.

I think Josf was just saying that though Biden and Obama look like they don’t know what they are doing…don’t be fooled…they know exactly what they are doing…and they are doing the bidding of those that have placed them in their positions of power.

We don’t have any of those no drilling and no war stickers here. I am in the rural Midwest. I do see Obama stickers every now and then. And when I am in Overland Park Kansas I see some coexist stickers. I am probably out of tune with the rest of America. We still have Ron Paul stickers on our vehicles and I do like Rand and hope that he is able to run as I would like to vote for him.

I am sorry to have butted in on your conversation today. I appreciate you my friend and know that you are doing a good work…as a matter of fact as I say that I realize I should say many good works! I admire you!


I apoligize ((((((bear))))))

I was thinking of the Neil Young song, Heart of Gold. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eh44QPT1mPE

No, I never once thought of you as being a gold digger or money whore. Never once in any way did I ever think that. I apologize that I gave you that impression. That makes me sad.

josf is way beyond my abilty to understand. I do not have the luxury to play "read between the lines" or whatever. I don't get him, though I do get his insults.

As for "our leaders are criminals" Is this actually news?

I thought the reason we were getting into the GOP was to replace the criminals and work to build a party based on integrity, the golden rule, conservative values as outlined in Ron Paul's books.

How do we get from Ron Paul's dream to restore the republic, to materialization with the criminals in control? Some say we can't compromise. I think that shows ignorance and inabilty to grow, Growth takes compromise. Compromise is what we do everyday. Rand is the bridge and he's a learning curve, as was his Father. Ron Paul taught us conservative values. Rand Paul teaches us how to apply them to the political process. If you don't like politics, you won't like Rand (why one would even be on DP who doesn't like politics is beyond me except for the farm reports and 911).

Rand has priorities, stategy, and is changing the GOP, pulling together the many styles of conservatives within the party.

There are many here on DP who HATE the GOP and want us to lose so they can simply say, TOLD YOU SO, because saying I TOLD YOU SO is far more important than winning liberty.

I really don't care what anyone decides to do. What I care about is when you make a decision, you do your best. What is not going to happen is Josf is not going to deafeat me with his babbling posts of apathy and negative energy. I've got enough enemies in the GOP that want to defeat Rand Paul to waste my time on those who have no power outside the GOP.

I am sorry what happened to your Church, home, community and life. The desperation of a thief from drug addiction. And the drug addiction is not the problem. The problem is the person became apathetic and sought drugs to relieve the pain, mental pain, of not being able to meet the expectations MSM puts on youth.. look like a TV Rock Star, or be a loser.. and all the rock stars do drugs.. and people have dreams, and kids are not taught in school, but put through exercizes.. so onto prison he goes where he will work for China's labor wages and America can compete with the insane NAFTA treaties.

I wonder, would a Church community had done better by this drug addict thief, to give a choice? Go to jail, or accept room and board in exchange for maintence of the church and grounds, bible study every day for three years, no drugs, no alcohol, no cigerettes, no women? Perhaps instead of prison labor they can send him to Iraq or Afghanistan?

Peace be with you.