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What's with the Hillary Clinton worship?

I have many friends on Facebook who post support for Hillary Clinton. I don't know what to say about those posts and I feel that these people really love her, so I better tread carefully. I don't know much about her other than she's a big government loving, do-gooder tyrant (at best). She appears to be the only significant woman in government right now and that makes her extra lovable to these people. I fear Hillary will clobber any other candidate in 2016.
All my posts about libertarian principles fall on deaf ears or are probably not read. But if I post on the Hillary worship posts, I would reach an audience.
Do you sage DPers have some thoughts on how to talk to Hillary lovers?
What about this?: "It's great to see a woman in a position of power- if only she was a libertarian!" or this: "Hillary is so smart, why hasn't she figured out that centralizing government power takes power away from the people?", or "What policies of Hillary's do you support most?"
I'm going to be so un-friended even for these relatively benign comments.

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I thought she was...

looking like Milton from Office Space

maybe they feel sorry for her, because she was . . .

or is married to Bill?

I don't know--

I don't think she is very loveable--

Maybe they need a female hero, and she's the highest-ranking woman in the U.S. government--


Sad, isn't it?

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

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Weird, huh? Start with her bloodthirst.

I find the worship odd too and see it a lot in my facebook network.

It's also weird how we love families of politicians, as if they were royalty. Two George Bushes, the desire for both Clintons, Ron and Rand Paul (ooops! Strike that one!). Are there so few qualified people out of the 300 million of us that we can only find leaders within a handful of families?

I recommend politely making your friends defend her warlust. Say something like "Hillary might make a good president in a lot of ways, but if a D gets the nod I'd prefer someone with a less hearty appetite for war and killing overseas, such as Kuccinich."

And then let them delight in tearing apart a perfectly principled and honest and TRUE progressive like Kuccinich. And then you can politely point out that they are going to the matt for a bunch of stuff they probably hate like warring, politicing, lying, corporatism, blood oil, big banks against every they stand for.

I try to sway my progressive friends into at least being good progressives. that's quite a lot right there!

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Hillary Will be the 2016 Dem Pres Nominee

Bank on that! It will likely be her vs. some hapless twit who agrees to do Israel's bidding. I'd love if it was Rand, but after seeing how widespread and rampant the cheating against Ron Paul was in 2011-12, I'd say there's exactly 0% chance they'll let him win. Heck, they didn't even let Ron Paul win a single state. Rand is trying his best to toe the line, but it won't be enough.


IMO Hillary is out of 2016. Big SIS is stepping in.

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016

A Good place to start is by watching...

The Clinton Chronicles (http://youtu.be/U6TWvNE_NUA)

and looking over this Page...

The Clinton Body Count (http://whatreallyhappened.com/RANCHO/POLITICS/BODIES.html)

That should be enough to get you started

She is an Evil Wowan who should be removed from ANY position of power

"Great Men Do Not Seek Power, They Have Great Power Thrust Upon Them"

MSM is beginning to push Hillary and Rubio as your 2 choices

I am sure Sir Jeb Bush will supplant Rubio at some time when we get closer to the 2016 in the election cycle.

These decisions have already been made somewhere among the earthly (wicked) kings of this world.


It is no secret...

...that Bill is the first one that brought up the "Obama wasn't born here" issue and how he cannot stand Obama. Many believe that is what the trade off was for him speaking in behalf of Obama...his wife being the first female president. And we all know how the diebolds work! We will see.

Exactly the same thing as the Obama worship

Baby boomers want to believe that members of historically oppressed groups are better than white males, but they fear, in their hearts, that it's not true.

Baby boomers want to believe Marxism is valid, but they fear, in their hearts, that it's not true.

If a baby boomer, therefore, can get a member of an oppressed group to seem to outperform white males, while at the same time having that person be a defender of Marxism, two major insecurities are addressed.

I think its fAN F'N TASTIC!

I say join in on the praise. Lets concede the election today, just so I don't have to hear about it or see the commercials.

In all seriousness the system is too far gone to be fixed. I would much rather see the democrats in charge for 40 years than have the collapse blamed on free markets. You know that is how it goes when the GOP is in charge.

It will be much easier to say "what free markets"as long as there is not some half wit up there spewing fake liberty.

I Hope Hillary gets in and Janet Yellin is the FED chairman so we can be just like Argentina with two women in charge of the credit card. High inflation and price controls will be in vogue. Maybe make stupid threats to a near by island chained under British rule too. I like my band aids ripped off quickly and not ever so slowly.

So unfriended - LOL!

Those are some probing questions... "Hillary is so smart, why hasn't she figured out that centralizing government power takes power away from the people?", or "What policies of Hillary's do you support most?"
Maybe substitute "Hillary" is so smart with _________ is so smart... then ...Guess who? I wish for an info bomb that says- The State Department used to be called the War Department. That would make Hillary the "Secretary of War". How about that in quiz format?

ah hem

The state depart has always been the state department.

Maybe you were thinking of the Orwellian name for the defense dept.

Just ask them a question.

What do you think the odds are that the best choice for the first female president would be a woman already embedded in the current ruling elite?

Delete this if you want to

Delete this if you want to mods..... but its the sad truth

She has a vagina

There has to be more than

There has to be more than that. They weren't jumping all over Palin.

I actually liked Sarah Palin - in some respects

She lost me when she became a war mongerer - too bad for her. She also lost me when she asked for money to give speeches. Another one cashed in. But all the hatred dumped on her by the left? That was incredible. Man, she was a threat, you had to ask why. When you're over the target you're going to get the flak. And she was, and it was causing huge movement. Then they had to shut down the campaign.. cause they were placeholders anyway.

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Dear God!

yes- that may be the superficial reason people like her (I saw a Facebook post that said "When Hillary was a little girl she wrote a letter to NASA asking how she could become an astronaut. They said girls can't be astronauts. So she become secretary of state. Never let someone tell you what you can or can't do." Thus, she's liked because she has a vagina and overcame the deformity. {sarcasm}
My question is how to tactfully get these people to think of issues more important than the woeful vagina.

I have also

seen people praising her for some reason. Also have you noticed how people who like socialism/communism have some weird kind of social stigma around them to where they view themselves as smarter and more sophisticated then you because you are one of those libertarian types?

Step 1 for dealing with a sophist socialist:

Ask them where government money comes from.

Step 2: Watch them do mental gymnastics as they explain why government can spend your money better than you can.

Step 3: Enjoy signs of struggle.
.....people are selfish but people in government are altruistic...that's why we have to pay them......taxation makes us all wealthier......can't you see the safety and prosperity it's created.......

Step 4: See if they still foster a sophisticated attitude.


. what marxists

The oddest thing that I see

The oddest thing that I see about all the Hilary loving is that she doesn't get any crap for "standing by her man" after her husband was caught with a cigar halfway up Monica. It seems to go against feminist principles, and really outs her for what she is: a politician who would do anything to get political power.

the clintons "marriage" is

the clintons "marriage" is that of convenience. Hillary is a full fledged lesbo. She does not care what bill does and he does not care what she does. How do I know about hill? Tom Tancredo's wife and my wife know each other. When visiting the white house, Hill had the Christmas tree decorated with lesbian themed bulbs etc. Another Close friend of mine had a frind in the secret seervice who watched the white house. He opened a door to find hill and 4 other women going at it. She does not care what Bill does...

I may be wrong, but

I had heard that Hillary was a madam (owner of a house of prostitution, in case you don't recognise the term) in Arkansas when Bill was running drugs for the government.
Also, though it is third hand, I heard that a security guard for Hillary at a hotel said that there was another woman with her all night. Maybe they were playing Old Maid???

If that's true then all the

If that's true then all the more evidence that she'll do anything for political power. Though decorating a tree with "lesbian theme bulbs" hardly makes you a lesbian.

trust me.. I am not lying

trust me.. I am not lying about this.

Unless liberty-minded

Unless liberty-minded Independents, Libertarians or even Republicans are in a position to offer up a Hispanic woman candidate with name recognition in 2016, prepare for another Democrat president after Obama. I need to start investigating my options now to leave the US.

Hillary Clinton is...

...driven by and completely committed to the ethic and philosophy of Collectivism.

She is the visceral enemy of Individualism, of Liberty, the Constitution and of limited-government.

Anyone who supports her, for any reason, is a blithering idiot.

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You've sparked an idea

People need to understand the difference between collectivism and individualism. Remember those Facebook quizes that were popular a while back? I should make a facebook quiz and let people find out if they are Collectivists or Individualists. Then write up a brief description of each in the end. People don't have the information or vocabulary to understand political theories. They just vote for whoever they relate to on a personal basis.

Collectivism Vs Individualism

It is THE basic ethical and philosophical battleground of man.

I believe that understanding what Collectivism actually is, how it manifests and from whom, is one of the most critically important issues ever.

Collectivism is anathema to Liberty and to Individualism. Collectivism inevitably leads to totalitarianism, predictably and openly IF one can recognize it.

Collectivism and those who hold to its tenants are the bottom-line of our constitutional-ills, loss of liberty, sovereignty and of the Republic itself.

A few links for educational (Collectivism vs Individualism 101) purposes.


A progressive series of excellent, easy to understand videos, each about 5 minutes long, on this topic, which I highly recommend as basic foundational education:

http://youtu.be/dJqSsrFDiSA (Intro Collectivism vs Individualism)

http://youtu.be/qXOrJtn1h2M (Nature and Origin of Human Rights)

http://youtu.be/BOUS6OalV2I (Group Supremacy)

http://youtu.be/_AgcVNzObWE (Coercion vs Freedom)

http://youtu.be/VKPPe78pX5w (Equality and Inequality Under Law)

http://youtu.be/F5_N86Pblj0 (Role of Government)

Enjoy them and please spread them around. If I knew how to go about it, i'd start a topic with these as the basis.

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Thank you

you've given me quite a bit of homework. I can't wait to dive in. I have to know my stuff to get these ideas out properly. Thanks again.