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What's with the Hillary Clinton worship?

I have many friends on Facebook who post support for Hillary Clinton. I don't know what to say about those posts and I feel that these people really love her, so I better tread carefully. I don't know much about her other than she's a big government loving, do-gooder tyrant (at best). She appears to be the only significant woman in government right now and that makes her extra lovable to these people. I fear Hillary will clobber any other candidate in 2016.
All my posts about libertarian principles fall on deaf ears or are probably not read. But if I post on the Hillary worship posts, I would reach an audience.
Do you sage DPers have some thoughts on how to talk to Hillary lovers?
What about this?: "It's great to see a woman in a position of power- if only she was a libertarian!" or this: "Hillary is so smart, why hasn't she figured out that centralizing government power takes power away from the people?", or "What policies of Hillary's do you support most?"
I'm going to be so un-friended even for these relatively benign comments.

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Any man or woman who wishes to educate themselves and subsequently others on such a topic is a worthy person.

Thank YOU for your efforts.

Democrats have this thing they do with their elections...

it's called.....It's their turn now. Obama was a throw back, but they usually let someone be the nominee if they didn't get it last time, or if they have been in public service for a while. The GOP tried to imitate that process by making Romney the guy...after all, it was his turn....he had been running for the spot for 8 years.

let me guess.. feminists


There are feminists

There are feminists everywhere these days. We have to learn to get along.

Hilary Clinton is the reason

women shouldn't have the vote.
She is an evil, evil woman, with a UN Agenda.

True Hillary supporters know

True Hillary supporters know what Obama has done to her in '08.
Texas caucuses etc.
Then the Democratic party gave him delegates he didn't win.
May 31st 2008.
They HATE Obama, maybe for other reasons but still.

The Only People I Know

that love Hillary are either gay, lesbian or man haters. No offense intended. I mean that LITERALLY. I have a man hating sister-in-law that was seriously abused by her wonderful Baptist preacher father that just WORSHIPS Hillary and I worked in a real estate office in uptown Dallas that consisted mostly of gay and lesbian agents that also LOVED Hillary and Bette Midler almost on an even par. Anyway, you asked. I personally think she is evil in the purest form.


Maybe that's because ...

... the lesbians think she might be one of them ... and the gay dudes think she might be one of them ... and the man-haters know she's one of them.


Which do you like better about Hillary ...

... that she stood by her man like a good little woman, when her husband was getting blowj*bs from another woman ...

... or her outgoing willingness to obstruct justice when a sitting American ambassador was gunned down over CIA arms dealings?

No, really, I'm curious which of these things you like better about that witch ... err, Hillary.


IOW: Ask in a friendly way what they like about her while reminding them (or educating them in the first place) what a horrible human being she is.

If I read your post first, I

If I read your post first, I wouldn't have made the exact same point up above :)

So which part of your marriage vows

says you can walk when the going gets tough.
Maybe she recognised Monica and her handler for what they were, and was greatfull for the distraction.
The Clinton's are political beasts,a blow job in the office of power is nothing in the scheme of things.

Maybe you don't know this ...

... but that "stand by her man" comment was in reference to something she said when Bubba ran for Prez the first time. In an interview, she was trying to show what a "strong woman" she is and she said (and I quote), "I'm not some little woman gonna stand by her man, like Tammy Wynette."

But stand by her man like Tammy Wynette is exactly what she did because Hillary is a political whore.

Why do I like thee [sic]

Tommy Pane,
None of the reasons you mentioned, I like her because she was on TV news with trade rep of Japan being thanked for the US buying all of Japan's rice full of dangerous levels of radiation. No one else in the world would buy it for their people to eat. Good ole huge [hearted] Hilary did it.Yep, it was shipped over here to us. I just think that her being so friggin' good hearted, giving away our health and wellness speaks volumes. I didn't see the next purchase but was one buying all the high radiation beef and shipping it here.
What a women! How could anyone not just love the dam chit 'outta' her????


I did not know that ...

... Hillary Radiation Clinton.


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Here's what they think of her outgoing willingness to obstruct

justice: They are proud.

Check it out: http://feministing.com/2013/01/24/how-to-deal-with-a-manspla...

Article is entitled: How to deal with a mansplainer starring Hillary Clinton in gifs.

"Sometimes you don’t realize how #bawse somebody is, until you make it into a gif.

So after Secretary of State Hillary Clinton smacked down the Senate and the House yesterday, it occurred to me that what made it magical is that it is an instructional video on how to deal with a mansplainer. And of course, any good tutorial needs to be broken down into gifs for emphasis."

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She is a "strong, confident, intelligent, fearless female." Every little girl should look up to her.

That's what's up with the Hillary love. She is a mom and a wife and she is the example of what females everywhere should be.

Read sarcasm.

That being said, I really believe that the "I am woman hear me roar" types will rally around her in a way that puts the rally around Obama movement to shame.

So as much as I love the judge I think it is time to consider finding a chick to combat Hillary with.

As far as talking to the Hillary lovers... if they are liberal (which I am assuming would be the case if they worship Hillary) keep on foreign policy and drones. People hate to know she is associated with anything evil and violent in this world.

It is the crowning glory of the feminist movement.

They just want a woman president, even if it is only marginally a woman...
One of my very favorite "crazy theories" is that while making "Rosemary's Baby" in Hollywood, Aleistar Crowley and several other Satanists were having a private ritual where they created a Gollum... and Hillary is their creation. C'mon... admit it... it has a certain ring of truth... lol!

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

I think it runs deeper

It's not like feminists were jumping all over Palin. I don't see a conspiracy here, I think people genuinely like her for some reason.

Ding Ding Ding!

We have a winner!

Please don't sugar coat it.

Please don't sugar coat it. She's one of the biggest frauds of all. From queen of the village to executrix of the drone. I for one will not pacify my liberal friends. Bullshit is bullshit and its time to call them all out.

Why noy just ask why they support her,

ask for specifics. Even if Hillary was constitutionally friendly, I would still not vote for her. 8 years as 1st lady, 4 as secretary of state, she has been too close to the top for far too long. It resembles a monarchy/oligarchy or what ever you want to phrase it. Time for new blood.

Then there are the bushes. So many want jeb to run. I cannot understand their state of minds.

“When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic.” – Dresden James

Ask Them

The best approach is to ask them.

I assume that some people like her because she's "the good wife." She and her husband always made me want to vomit, but that's mostly personality differences that would not matter a bit, except somebody elected or appointed them to have power.

I also assume that the liking is probably very shallow; but you can find that out when they don't have any details about what they like about her, or if it contradicts known facts.

Remember, some people are still confused about arch-enemies Osama and Saddam.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

Bush vs Clinton, 2016

HA! How funny. It makes the containment of power very VERY obvious.