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America - National Supremacy or Dual-Sovereignty?

Please watch and be sure to share! This is the type of knowledge that can change people's understanding. https://vimeo.com/59089730
Many people think the Federal Government is supreme in all things with the states being little more than irrelevant boundaries on a map. But, is this what the Constitution established? Is this what the Founders envisioned when constructing it? Despite what the talking heads on television will tell you today, THIS IS NOT TRUE! The following video outlines, in the founders own words, how the powers were to be distributed between the Federal and the State Governments under the Constitution. The State Governments retained sovereignty and powers that could not be encroached upon by the Federal Government.

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I love this subject

imperium in imperio- "It is a solecism in politics for two coordinate sovereignties to exist together..." A mixture may exist for a time, but it will inevitably tend in one direction or the other, subecting the country in the meantime to "all the horrors of divided sovereignty"

Herbert Storing - What the anti federalist were for p 12

yt = classicalliberalism

Patriotic Senex


One of the reasons I was attracted to the liberty movement was its fidelity to a more decentralized system of government.

Good post

All a moot point if we don't stop the NWO. The states will be gone, replaced with larger "regions" with an assigned [not elected] head.
Just as we have to prod our congress to stop giving their authority away to bummer, we have to make our elected senators and governers stand up for state's rights