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Marco Rubio to deliver "State of Union" response to Obama in Spanish

Stephen Dinan | Washington Times | February 06, 2013

Seeking to counter President Obama's speaking skills with a great orator of their own, Republicans have tapped Sen. Marco Rubio to deliver the official GOP response to Mr. Obama's State of the Union address next week — in both English and Spanish.

"Marco Rubio embodies the optimism that lies at the heart of the Republican vision for America," said Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, Kentucky Republican.

The move is symbolic for many reasons — not least of which is Mr. Rubio's prominent stance in favor of legalizing illegal immigrants, which is an issue that has deeply divided the GOP.

Mr. Rubio is in his third year in the Senate, and is mentioned as a likely 2016 contender for the Republican presidential nomination. In delivering the GOP's response he follows in the footsteps of other contenders such as Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal in 2009, Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell in 2010 and Rep. Paul D. Ryan in 2011.

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Keep in mind

that 11 million illegal Mexicans getting citizenship is misleading. Out of picture today are 11 million of future Mexican spouses, 33 million of future kids, 44 million of future close relatives eligible for unification.

I expect competition in local burritos service.

Michael Nystrom's picture


Pandering for the Hispanic vote.

The real question is if

The real question is if anyone will actually be fooled.


The answer is yes, whatever drivel is put forth by the establishment and media will be eaten up - hook, line and sinker. I'm surprised you needed to ask.