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Death Panels, taxes, and bald Keynesian economists

Paul Krugman, Keynsian madman now admits what everyone here probably realized. The so-called healthcare plan is a farce. This twisted lunatic called for death panels and taxes to reduce debt. Apparently, spending cuts are impossible.

It got me thinking. Robert Murphy, Austrian Economist and Krugman critic has been trying to lure Krugman into debating him by offering money raised by the proposed debate to go to food pantries. Perhaps he is just going about it the wrong way. Since Krugman regards the poor as a mere surplus, maybe Murphy should not donate the money that would be raised by the poor to a food pantry. Instead, he could smash up childrens toys and buy new ones with the proceeds that would be raised. You know, to help the economy and raise GDP.

Anyhow, here is the blundering idiot himself, Paul Krugman:


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