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Audit the Fed help needed in CT IN NM WI

If you live in Connecticut, Indiana, New Mexico or Wisconsin, please help out on efforts for Audit the Fed.

Democratic Senators in these four states voted for Ron's Audit the Fed bill as members of the House in 2012.

Now that they are Senators, we need to get them to cosponsor Rand's Senate bill to build Democratic support (there was only one Democratic cosponsor in the last Congress).

The Senate bill, S. 209, is the exact same bill they voted for in the House last year.

Please contact your Senator and thank them for voting for Audit the Fed last year and urge them to cosponsor the same bill in the Senate, S. 209. They should have no excuse not to cosponsor the bill.

Senator Chris Murphy
DC Office - 202-224-4041

Senator Joe Donnelly
DC Office - 202-224-4814

New Mexico
Senator Martin Heinrich
DC Office - 202-224-5521

Senator Tammy Baldwin
DC Office - 202-224-5653

Here is the roll call vote where you can see the Senators above voted for HR 459:

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Ron Paul's statement today

in regards to Bernanke testifying in Congress:

"The American people deserve a full accounting of the Fed’s operations, which is why it is vital they demand Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid bring Senator Rand Paul’s Audit the Fed (S. 209) legislation to the Senate floor for a vote this Congress."




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Anyone in these states?

If so, please contact your Senator and urge them to cosponsor the same bill they voted for in the House last year.

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Sent it to a friend in WI


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Anyone else in these states?

Your Senator voted FOR audit the fed. It shouldn't take too many emails and phone calls to get them to cosponsor S. 209.