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Could you live or thrive in a post Apocalyptic World?

CNN's Gary Tuchman takes a tour of a remote bunker a Utah man has prepared for the end of the world.


This video led me to these questions.

Would you even want to live in a post Apocalyptic world? (eating bugs and stuff) Is it even going to come about? How? How bad (or good) is it going to be? Are we going to be "raptured," or have to stay in a possible living nightmare? When will it be over? Will it be a new beginning? What (if you care to share) do you do to prepare mentally, physically, and spiritually? (easy questions eh?)

Are people being pre-conditioned through TV shows like "24," "RevOlution, and "Last Resort?" Is the show "Revolution" a sign of possible things to come?

Revolution TV Trailer (Warning, Mild Corniness but interesting topic)


Who are the "zombies" going to be? It seems like they are preparing us for something by dehumanizing a segment of the population.
Walking Dead Trailer (Graphic)


Just wondering what you thought.

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The Revolution T.V. show...

...has a lot of propaganda in it(such as making "the militia" the evil guys). I watched most of them and if you are someone who knows the truth from false, you can eat the meat and throw away the bones. However, those who don't understand things would get the wrong ideas about many things. One thing I did like though, was the courage of the women in it. As a female and not always so tough, the women in the show were very inspirational. They weren't afraid of much and were real bad azzes!

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I'm hoping the horrible part only lasts a few months

after the smoke clears, I could imagine myself living a sort of Amish lifestyle. That's if anything happens at all, and certainly it could. Some areas are going to be ruined, and some places will be ok. It just depends on your luck and preparation, I guess.
Right now I'm thinking of getting a trailor I can haul up the the woods. It's just for camping [wink, wink].

why on earth would you share

why on earth would you share this the world or anyone for that matter?

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Share this

video with the "world?" Or him sharing his hideout with CNN?

It led me to questions that I added later.