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Fox uses veteran to slam Ron Paul and Glenn Beck attacks Ron Paul

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I'll condemn Kyle.

He was a mass murderer. The fact that he is called a hero by so many is a sick, sad commentary on our culture of violence. Hero's help people at the risk of their own life, without payment. Nobody who is paid to murder other humans at long distances can in any logical way be called a hero.
He is, or was a paid killer. He served his master's agenda which had absolutely nothing to do with championing liberty and freedom.

Interesting case study if one decides to

use logic and blind belief together.

Consider this. Since mulsims killed or not yet killed will be in hell while the fate of Kyle is still being decided by Jesus, should not we express support for Kyle and ask Jesus to save his soul? Is not that the most unselfish, turn-the-other-cheek, humble "rational" choice? Yes, Kyle was fooled by evil but all his actions were never selfish. Kyle was not aware about Libertarian pinciple, same as our parents... In fact, his local church pointed to muslims as evil... Wait, does that mean his local Christian church is the real evil? OMG.

But if muslims are not evil, why they are condemned to hell? OMG. Is "the one" evil himself? But "the one" is all love. OMG.


Real Christians should know better than to judge. I just would be real jealous if they got all those virgins(LOL)!! No one knows what eternity holds!

good one

1) So judging is not a wise or moral, but Liberty is. My point exactly: religious do not have rational thinking, they only rationalize their dogma. You are rationalizing why personal liberty (say, making a judgement based on his values) is not good for Christians.

2) So if you are less certain about eternity than atheists, I see no value in blind belief that confuse your mind. Your personal mental capacity had been reduced to copy-and-paste.


You just said that Ron Paul does not think rationally.

You also managed to insult a significant portion of the DP. I don't go around saying that all atheists are immoral sociopaths, do I? I'd appreciate it if y'all wouldn't go making collectivist generalizations and false accusations, either. It does nobody any good.

Glenn Beck

Hand on heart, hand on Sword.

To my Liberal Trolls:
"Really Don't mind if you sit this one out. Your words but a whisper, your deafness a shout. I may make you feel, but I can't make you think."
Ian Anderson 1972

you know what....

...when is the LAUNCH of our "campaign" for REPLACEMENT of statists in power going to happen?

Is Campaign for Liberty, or Ron Paul with them, getting ORGANIZED?

We have to pool our resources and talents, let the people "watching" with great anxiety about Obamacare, fiscal armeggedon etc. KNOW we have a plan to do more than blog incessantly, follow Alex Jones off a cliff, and PEACEFULLY force a "transfer of power" back to constitutionally limited government for our posterity's sake!

Where is our COMPETITIVE outlet for Glenn Beck, and all these other right-wing LYING zealots for the establishment GOP that just caved on the fiscal stuff twice in the past 5 weeks???

Time to separate the men from the boys, DUMP the actors and those celebrities trying to make money off of our patriotic sentiments - and PUT candidates before the electorate...

I am not content to sit back, throw my hands up, and say "civil war is inevitable"...we're NOT gonna go the God-less route of NOT offending people...either we KNOW what Liberty and freedom REALLY means, either we recognize and LAUD both Dr. Paul's and our founders intense understanding of God-instituted government and man's stewardship responsibility over it; and achieve first a ceasing of the advancement of tyranny followed by a REPEAL of all of it...or...we're just gonna keep playing games, watching YouTube clips of our enemies, and wringing our hands SCARED of the PTB while we stack precious metals and build bunkers....

C'mon!!! I'm looking for something to direct my energies into, and so far it's only my own message and discernment that excites me these days!

Liberty is not a PRODUCT we're selling people; dammit! People have to get involved - and what they're getting is a bogus liberty movement from BOTH Alex Jones and Glen Beck...and us down here...we're getting shut out, with no hope of unseating incumbent statists and WIMPS professing they're "with us" but in reality "fear for their lives" while in government!

In Chicago, March 14th, there exists an OPPORTUNITY to confront Michael Medved in person as to his dismissal of Ron Paul and ALL his Christian-derived policy positions...if you can come, you have 5 weeks to prepare your specific question that will expose the right-wing talk radio, two-faced, pied-piper and Judeo-Christian ethicist as anti-American in the George Washington sense of the what PATRIOTISM means via his Farewell Address.

I work 2nd shift, it's a Thursday night, I can't make it...but surely...as ALL these Ron Paul movement haters attempt to TOUR the country and set up "town halls" to APPEASE the conservatives that "they're workin' on it" in Obama's 2nd term - we CAN meet them face-to-face, confront them, video tape it; and...crank up our own COMPETITIVE media force to draw people AWAY from them, and to us...NOT to Alex Jones and his empire!!



WIND AM 560 Presents Obama 2.0 The Road Ahead - March 14, 2013

Don't click

don't click on the links, it just gives them ratings.

i agree

the pictures alone tell the whole ugly story.

Luckily, these videos won't,

Luckily, these videos won't, they're 're-uploads'. I always watch re-uploads of this kind of crap, so at the very least, I know how to counter the crap that people throw at us.

thanks for that info

but again the grabs could be captioned "The Idiocracy Speaks"

fox news is dying and

fox news is dying and should!A bunch of liars and thieves!

Ron Paul 2016

I refuse to judge

Chris Kyle without reading his book first. If it is true his first kill was a woman carrying a child, what was she doing before the kill? I realize I would only be hearing one side of the story, but until I read the book, I will not judge. Kyle was simply following orders. I know, that is sometimes the problem. But in his mind, he thought he was killing the enemy. We know as the informed voters that we are, that the WMD's the government sold the war on, were not physical weapons; but rather, peak oil and the promise that Saddam made of going off of the dollar which could start a chain reaction in the OPEC countries. Beck is not always as liberty minded as we would like, but sometimes he is spot on. Give him credit though, he was too radical for Fox, and thats saying something.


I read she had a grenade in one hand, while holding a child with the other!

Just sayin'!

I remembered reading an

I remembered reading an interview with him, and it was a woman with a 'child present'. That's beyond the point for me though. My problem is he referred to all his targets as 'wicked' or 'evil' people that he had to route out, not treating them simply as targets. Some of the 'true' heroes in history have been proud of their service, but not proud of their kills. Kyle reveled in his kills, so I don't truly believe he was 'simply following orders'.

Kinda glad

to see Ron Paul is still ruffling feathers with the TRUTH.

The law cannot make a wicked person virtuous…God’s grace alone can accomplish such a thing.
Ron Paul - The Revolution

Setting a good example is a far better way to spread ideals than through force of arms. Ron Paul

A$$ hat!

Couple things here
1) You must not know who Ron Paul is.
2) He is a former- congressman. Your verbiage seems to indicate he is still serving.
3) Dr. Paul is a 12-time congressman not ONE you Propagandist!!
4) Mr. Paul has done nothing but stick up for the military.
5) Just doing your job. Is that right solider? You mean keeping your oath to the constitution?
Oh you ment killing people in undeclared wars for an executive order writing monster.
6) You stated you do not demand anything in the video. Didn't you just complain about not having a job?
7) I am tired of pointing out flaws in this entire POS video it is only a few minutes long.

Ron Paul Ron Paul Ron Paul!!!

You Know How You Know When Someone Is Not Important?

When no one pays attention to anything they do or say and nothing they do or say bothers you. Stop giving bumbling Beck so much attention! I say the same for Piers Morgan.


Glenn Beck 2116

Mr. Beck has been trying to replace Dr. Paul as the leader of the liberty movement, and he finally convinced me. He's the man. As I listened, I realized that this volunteer sniper, who, as a Christian, killed more people in Iraq than any other sniper, was my hero. Beck made me realize, that to preserve our Liberty, we had to invade foreign countries, or we would have lost our freedoms here. You see, that is why we are so totally free today, and Dr. Paul needs to understand that without Chris Kyle, we might have lost some of our civil liberties her at home, but because of all these Christian, volunteer, killers in foreign countries, we remain as free as we were 100 years ago.

That's why I'm supporting Beck for President in 2116.

like a bunch of junior high girls

The media is acting like a bunch of junior high girls just waiting for any hint of drama so they can anoint themselves victims of being offended.

I read Paul's tweet as being about our country. We live by the sword and many more of us will die by the sword. This one man's death is not huge in the scheme of things, but his notoriety makes his violent death symbolic and symptomatic. I'm surprised that so few our on-air media personalities don't understand pretty basic writing techniques.

I don't think for a second that they don't know what he meant.

They're actively trying to destroy our Liberty's, it's obvious and this is probably more about his sons run in 2016.

I don't care for Rand but, I think, they want to discredit him by way of his father. That might seem reaching but we will see if they go after him more aggressively trying to get him to incriminate himself over his fathers statement.

Patriot Cell #345,168
I don't respond to emails or pm's.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

You may be right...

You may be right that some part of those who go into I've-been-victimized-because-I-was-offended is calculated. (Worse, Beck's sort of language that AMERICA has been offended by a tweet. Please! Even the word TWEET makes it hard to take offense. You have to sweat to get offended by anything labeled TWEET.)

But then I see this sort of behavior on local boards and groups of all sorts. There's this desperate need to not mis-step, to be on the right side. And there's an equally desperate need to be in the club. Too often we succumb to the maze of process and feelings. How dare we proceed despite our being offended? How dare we not stop all the clocks and deal with the tragedy of someone or some group's offended feelings? Or our own? No, if anyone's offended, all progress toward solutions -- drat, even the debate of actual issues -- must stop to pet and sooth the offended.

We love to be all offended because it gives us a pass on the actual work of researching and understanding an issue. And then figuring out what we can do to make a difference.

I worry that blaming this sort of media reaction of a active plan to damage the Liberty Movement is not so different. Take offense, call our movement a victim. How is that different from the drama-seeking-issue-avoidance of the media featured in this post?

The issue is that Paul tweeted a reminder that a country that lives by the sword should expect more of us dying by the sword. Let's deal with the issue and refuse to be sidetracked by process and conjured offenses.

"Just doing there jobs"

Good lord - do they not teach history any more.

"Team up with us" - he did - he tried to stop you from having to go

As for douche bag Beck - did he say this guy lived his Christian beliefs? Glenn - please point to the passage where Jesus states killing women protecting their homes is ok.

Beck said:

Chris Kyle was an "unquestioned patriot, a man who did not talk about Jesus, but lived his Christian belief".

"Air is the very substance of our freedom, the substance of superhuman joy....aerial joy is freedom."--Gaston Bachelard--

It's true. I think we can all

It's true. I think we can all envision Christ behind a sniper's scope. /end sarcasm.

Spot on!

Your sarcasm is totally accurate. Why won't people ask themselves these kinds of questions? Could they REALLY envision Christ behind the scope of a sniper's gun? If not, then they'd better start re-thinking things!

When the American spirit was in its youth, the language of America was different: Liberty, sir, was the primary object. - Patrick Henry

Mr. Beck

Go F^ck Yourself!

"Air is the very substance of our freedom, the substance of superhuman joy....aerial joy is freedom."--Gaston Bachelard--

2 times!

2 times!

3 times!

I concur!