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What can drive the fears out from your life?

What can drive the fears out from your life?

My thoughts... http://relate4ever.wordpress.com/2013/02/07/perfectlove-driv...

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Love is the answer

Fear is an acrynom


Fear is illusory

IOWs, fear is of the imagination - it does not exist of and by itself. Fear is not a thing - it is a state of mind/consciousness. That being the case we can abate fear by taking charge of its cause - our own thinking or rather mis-thinking. The short way to eliminate fear is to be in a state of Peace and/or Love. When one takes charge of the thoughts they entertain they take charge of their very lives.

As A Man Thinketh

You have most of the answer

Love is what drives out fear, but it is also the cause of fear. It is the fear that we will lose something we love... Love and fear are the SAME emotion, if we dig deep enough.
I fear when I see something I love in danger of being destroyed... and that "fear" is still "love" - the difference is MY state of mind about it.
I fear I will never see my grandsons again, because I love them. Some days, I can just focus on loving them, and be OK with loving them whether I see them or not. Other days, I am consumed by the fear of what is going on, my inability to protect them... That kind of fear is healthy. It is when I let that fear drive me to anger at the people keeping me from him that it begins to be a problem.
Fear is a normal, healthy emotion. It is a critical part of being human - babies arrive with their "fear response" already functional... It is how our species survives... It would not have worked out well for us if we had loved the saber tooth tigers. If we had let that fear of tigers paralyze us, we would have met the same fate as if we had tried to hug the tiger.
I've recently been working on zazen meditation, where the goal is to get past the perception of duality. Your timing could not have been better for me, I had not really tried to put anything to words yet, and as I see what I am writing, I realize that even just a few days of this style of meditation is beginning to change my perception.
Really nice video, thanks for posting.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Seeing others take a stand gives me courage.

That's why a lot of people dig on Ron Paul - the dude has seriously got a pair!

Defeat the panda-industrial complex

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And there is the corollary..

And there is the corollary.. that is why so many others despise Ron Paul.
Chesterton put it well when he wrote, "Anyone who preaches REAL love, is bound to beget hate. Sham love ends in compromise and common philosophy. Real love has always ended in bloodshed."

In context, he wasn't saying love itself is violent. He was simply saying that those who oppose real love (primarily because they do not like the truth exposed to the antiseptic of daylight) will fight violently against it, placing false love and false brotherhood in its place. Paul tells the uncomfortable truth... and he tells it with the proper motive. That is loving, and yet hateful to those who prefer lies.