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the r3volution continues - a short film

This is Justin Machacek's latest home video project, he and his 16 year old son shot it over the weekend on a Note 2 smart phone!


Justin was a spokesman of Evangelicals For Ron Paul 2012 and is not going away!

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Did you see THIS video???

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VERY nicely done! The entire RonPaul presidential campaigns,

blended in the daily chores, are recounted briefly and the era of the new (sharp-looking) r3VOLution (badge) begins!

Gosh, I really have to get a few of those for ours. . .
Thanks for posting, ZakC!

"r3VOLution (badge) begins!"

I did the same thing after I washed my car :-)


I bought an extra just in case.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul