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VIDEO: Ann Bessington Exposes Agenda 21, the UN, and the Club of Rome

Ann Bressington is an Independent MLC (Member Legislative Council) of South Australia. She was speaking at a the Lord Monckton Launch 2 held at the Adelaide Convention Center on 2 Feb 2013.


She's sounding the Alarm on just how much trouble Australia is currently in and by proxy shows where America is headed. We are on a fast track. This is not going to take decades and instead its going to be a matter of years.

If you don't understand this yet....you need to. We have to fight this and if we don't it is the end of us.

Another video from the same conference about the eradication of
Australian farmers. Peter Manuel from Flag (Food Producers Land Action Group Australia Incorporated):


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Global Waming Hoax is going to kill us all!

Yeah we may want to laugh it off as if they were already beaten. Say, "Oh it will never happen here." when it already is happening here. I'm sure some laughed off the ridiculousness of Hitler...but not for very long.

How long do we have before this tyranny grabs us by the neck and squeezes the life out of us....just years? ....if that? why do you think they want our guns?

The Environmental Green Shirts are really just wearing a Red communist shirts underneath.

Mix a red shirt with a green shirt and what do you get? A brown shirt Nazi!

so diabolical how perfectly this conspiracy has been exicuted

If only the global warming hoax hadn't have fallen through the floor here in America they would likely be farther along than they are. Problem is, Obama and other Government Politicians are pushing ahead regardless of public opinion. Gun grab, carbon taxes and regulations, land grabbing, shutting down family farms, pushing global warming education in the science class rooms and gun fear in the schools. All of media promotes it and good heart-ed trusting people want to do their part to help. Throw economic collapse and the increasing police state on top of the heap and we are in some serious trouble.

Australia is worse off because they are farther along than us. However, they are the blueprint of our future. Look at what they have in place currently in Austrailia, that's what they will do here next.