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Face it America - You're Broke.

I'm not an Alex Jones cheerleader. Jerome Corsi seems pretty dead on in this video however as far as what I've been able to gather from other news. Think - China [corp] basically has enough to buy US [corp] for perhaps 20 times our GDP (14 trillion). Our "outlook" is not good - our company (USinc) manufactures almost nothing... all resources sold off (eventually) what would be the possible value of American lives for anything outside of outright slavery?


Anti-Suicide net anyone?

It's happening now. There is a form of "soft" communism on our streets today. It's public servants who have not read the constitution and do not respect your rights as a FREE people...

China moving in all these free trade zones. China is colonizing this country and is also pushing hard on the gun control front as well. China could have swung the election to Obama for all we know via citizens' united - and with their reported cyber effectiveness as of late.

If you wear a badge BEWARE: You could be the unsuspecting agent of communism - part of some elaborate plan to bring Amerika into the "New World Order" with one government that will not respect rights or even agree that we have anything more than STATE granted privileges.

One currency...
One comfortable and well insulated elite group of sociopaths running everything.

A global security force protects the banks and public buildings. Everyone else is disarmed. Welcome to Amerika.

People better wake up while they still have the ability to prevent this sort of thing... "while supplies last."

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